Preview: The Bulletproof Coffin by Shaky Kane and David Hine for Image

Launching at next year’s Bristol Comics Expo, will be The Bulletproof Coffin, a giveaway preview of the new Image comic book by Shaky Kane and David Hine with artwork, background information and interviews.

The series proper will launch in June and run to six issues, telling the stories of the classic and fictitious Golden Nuggets comics of the sixties, before the company was bought up and closed down by Big 2 Publishing.

Shaky Kane was one of the artistic driving forces of Deadline magazine in the eighties and nineties, with his remixed Jack Kirby-crossed-with-Moebius stylings telling psychedelically twisted tales. His biggest US exposure was in Deadline USA and a couple of pin ups for Doom Patrol, but he was one of the foremost contributors and influential creators on the UK indie scene.

And now he’s at Image! Where all the cool cats hang out! Here’s a preview of artwork from the series;






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