Lying In The Gutters - November 1st 2009

Lying In The Gutters – November 1st 2009

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This week ComICA starts in London, the biggest English-speaking comics arts festival in the world. I’m be there as much as I can…

So what’s been happening this week?

  1. Well, everyone seems to be writing comics from Stephen King to Salman Rushdie to Lance Briggs.
  2. Bleeding Cool broke the story that Marvel was to sell comics for download on the iPhone as well as ferreting out the individual issues and price points for each App platform.
  3. We reviewed the upcoming Doctor Who and the first episode of Misfits (as well as launching a sweary competition to win free stuff)
  4. Mark Millar announced that he was going to announce his new project with Steve McNiven which he then did, saying it was called Nemesis. Yes, that was all, but it led to one of the longer Bleeding Cool threads… oh and he’s also going to be directing a superhero movie starting in March.
  5. We celebrated Viz Comics’ 30th birthday and I bought a copy of the new issue yesterday. As funny as it’s ever been. And discovered the three bestselling books in France are all comics.
  6. We found lots and lots and lots of video of Alan Moore. Smiling.
  7. We looked at the latest online gambling machines using DC and Marvel iconography.
  8. In movie news we discovered that Dan McDermott was to write the 3 Days In Europe movie, that Brian Blessed might not always know what he’s talking about, that Grant Morrison and Paul McGuigan are working on something Scottish, that Black Summer has been optioned with or without a dead president, and welcomed James Hem to the Cool where he will talk about comics and movies every weekday.
  9. We covered MarvelFest and found one official Marvel photo that left little to the imagination.
  10. Robert Crumb has started a war of letters about, well, rape obviously.
  11. And we managed to help right one of Wizard’s wrongs, pointing out a charity donation that got lost in the shuffle. Or something.

Why, what have you been doing this week?

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