Stephen King - A History Of Teasing The Comics Industry

Stephen King – A History Of Teasing The Comics Industry

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kingEveryone wants Stephen King. He’s a blockbuster of a name in the movie, TV and book world. So naturally comics wanted a slice. And there were little nods here and there. After all, Stephen King was a self-confessed comics fan, it was only natural. A couple of pages in the Heroes For Hope charity comic in the eighties. An introduction there. Even his son, Joe Hill, got a series at IDW. But full blown Stephen King comic books, there were none.

Then Marvel announced they had signed Stephen King for The Dark Tower and The Stand – but even that was a few steps removed. Stephen writing something of the comic, which was then written further by another King-associated writer, Robin Furth, before being finally adapted for comics by another writer, Peter David. It did seem rather tenuous.

Then Del Rey Comics announced their own Stephen King comic project, The Talisman, being adapted directly for comics by Robin Furth.

And now King has sent out a press release stating that he will be writing one of two stories in each issue of DC/Vertigo’s American Vampire. And Robin Firth is nowhere in sight.

It’s being spun as King’s first original bit of comic book writing. I dunno though, the characters were created by someone else – and I still think those pages of Heroes For Hope count.

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