Rebecca Mayes Reviews MadWorld On Wii Via Song – “Sadistic Comic Book”

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RockstarPlaysGuitarLongSmall(1)Last night, Charlie Brooker’s new games review show Gameswipe smashed onto BBC4, following his work on Screenwipe and Newswipe, iconoclastic abuse and criticism in a vein developed from the nineties voice of Victor Lewis-Smith into, basically, the voice of propgeek for the late noughties.

Anyway, Brooker often invites guest commentators onto the show and in Gameswipe, as well as Dara O’Briain bemoaning games that he only gets a bit of the way into and feels cheated, and Graham Linehan bemoaning the lack of storytelling in games, we had Rebecca Mayes, reviewer for The Escapist with a exclusive wonderfully juxtaposed, light, sweet, touchy-feely song reviewing the shortcomings of the uberviolent MadWorld for the Nintendo Wii. And since it’s stuck in my head, I think it should be stuck in yours too.

Oh and she’s so right about the commentary, Greg Proops should be ashamed. Whose lines were they anyway?

More Rebecca Meyes Muses here… and Brits can watch Gameswipe in full here.

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