Chris Weston And The Book Of Eli (Updated)

Chris Weston And The Book Of Eli (Updated)

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Chris Weston has been talking about his storyboarding and concept art working on the upcoming Denzel Washington vehicle The Book Of Eli, and how it predated his work on The Twelve by fourteen months… this was the first visual ever done of the character, created to accompany the screenplay when it was pitched by writer Gary Whitta.

Eli 01

And these are later images created post-Denzel casting.

Denzel W. in Eli 04 with hairDenzel W. in Eli 01

Weston writes that he took on The Twelve after the Writers Strike, and presumed that was the end of the movie, only to be told two thirds of the way through that it was back on, hence the abandonded-and-now-back-on-track schedule of the JMS title.

He also shows some of his storyboard images compared to the eventual film images (with a couple more he added for Bleeding Cool)

sb 01

SB 04

Page to screen 01

Me andd Star!Ooh and look! Chris Weston and Gary Oldman! Gary is probably teaching Chris the mysteries of the universe. And Chris is telling Gary that he knows them already after reading every 2000AD there is in existence. Probably.

Expect more at Chris Weston’s blog over the next few days…

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