Tuesday Vermin, Vintage Comics And The Vile Vince Locke!

So who saw wild man of comics and horror movie director Hart Fisher on The Verminators on the Discovery Channel on Sunday 9 am?

Not me, I live in the UK. But if you lived in the states and missed, it, it will be rerunning through the week. And you can even buy it to watch here. Again, if you live in the States.

I may live and breath horror movies, but when you find a black widow spider crawling across your big toe in the bath tub and you’ve got rats staring at you through the window, it’s time to call in the professionals.

The episode is entitles Lights! Camera! Vermin! – which is probably the movie equivalent of Ker-Pow! Bam! Vermin!

The Guardian newspaper continues to give away free classic comics with every edition. Yesterday was the shooting issue of Roy Of The Rovers, today is the girls comic Bunty.

Ted Antony of the Associated Press looks at what the Disney/Marvel deal represents about America, one stuck in a fake nineteen fifties, another stuck in a modern moral morass…

The contrasts are stark and sometimes way too easy: New York vs. the Magic Kingdom. Wishing and dreaming vs. struggling and coping. Doe-eyed sincerity — literally, in Bambi’s case — vs. the worldly wisecracking of Spider-Man and the Thing.

The Peterborough Regional Health Centre are producing a comic book to promote hand hygiene. The first person who gets a dose of MRSA from reading a copy left lying around, do let me know. 5000 copies of this 12 page comic are being printed at a cost of $2000. See, healthcare providers in the USA do overspend…

Will Disney do anything about the Marvel gambling machines? Here’s a look at some of the available jackpot games…

Policeman is also superhero-for-the-kids Defuser? Are real-life superheroes getting really lame really fast? Yes, we know you won a superhero reality show on the Sci Fi channel, but that doesn’t mean you should actually be a superhero in reality. Especially one who seems to promote guns to kids.

I want kids to know guns can be dangerous, but they are also just a tool

Bit like yourself, mate. Apparently he has a comic book and a movie. I bet they’re just swell.

corpseArtist of History of Violence, Vince Locke, has ocreated a graphic novel for rock band Cannibal Corpse called Evisceration Plague, the same name as their new album. Not available through Diamond, copies are only for sale at the Hot Topic booth during this summer’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival tour. Lovely.

While, for a slightly different audience, David Almond (author of Skellig) and Dave McKean’s (author of Cages) graphic novel, The Savage, is being reprinted for the Liverpool’s Reads programme, twenty-thousand copies  to be given away to Liverpool’s “yoot”. The creators are also planning two future projects together…

Did anyone attend the Dating For Lesbian Nerds singles gaming night yesterday? Do let us know how it went.

And the John Byrne IDW comic that kick-started his career at the publisher, FX has its first issue available free on iTunes on the iPhone or iTouch.

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