The Ten Questions DC Entertainment Must Answer

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Okay, okay, as I said before, no one actually has to answer anything. Why would they? Diane Nelson doesn’t know I exist and it’s probably better that way. It just makes for a better headline. But if they were to answer, what would they say?

1. The Location Question. Will any of DC Comics operations be relocating to Warner Bros headquarters in Burbank, California any time soon? This move, closer to Warner Bros HQ has been speculated about a number of times, but Paul Levitz kept the company firmly on the East Coast. With the new Publisher likely to be a West Coaster, is everyone going to up sticks in the next few years? And will we see DC publishing and editorial move to other Warner East Coast offices?

2. The Jim Lee Question. Yes, what of Jim Lee? With his contract up and with Warner worried that he might leave, just what will they offer him to stay? Is there any possibility he may team up with the much-favoured-by-Warner Hank Kanalz at Wildstorm in some kind of dream team partnership within DC Entertainment? Or will Marvel Disney step up with the biggest offer in the world and bring him back to X-Men? And actually on that point… Hank Kanalz? What’s the story there?

3. The Comic Shop Question. What are DC Entertainment’s plans for serving the direct market? Will they maintain their leadership role with retailers? Are there to be any changes in general policy regarding the specialised comic shop outlet? Will DC continue to exclusively distribute comics through Diamond?

4. The Internet Controversy Question. Paul Levitz had tastes and concerns that, on occasion, saw certain items pulled back from publication. Could The Boys come back to DC now? Can Art Adams work on The Authority be restored now? Can Wildstorm put out the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier vinyl record now and can Titan Book publish the graphic novel now? Will we see Lobo: The Hand To Hand Job published now? Will Vertigo publish The Sex Detectives Preacher spinoff now? What about Milligan and Morrison’s Bizarre Boys? And also can be have that Bendis Batman/Daredevil crossover now please? Pretty please?

5. The Film/Comic Relationship Question. Will the publishing division still have the ability to kill a potential film deal now, if its believed to harm the brand? This has happened before. Could it be allowed again?

6. The Dan DiDio Question. Is Dan DiDio back from Hawaii yet? Is there any reason he hasn’t been mentioned during all this restructuring? What’s his future with the company?

7. The Wildstorm Question. We’ve heard about exploiting the DC Universe characters, and Vertigo has been pinpointed for having a better look at, but what does this mean for the wide array of material in the WildStorm library? One WildCATS TV cartoon from years ago isn’t exactly deep cross-media penetration.

8. The Long Tail Question. On that point, will DC Entertainment continue to allow let lower income  producing lines like Vertigo or Zuda continue, in anticipation of greater profits down the road?

9. The Harry Potter Question. Has Diane Nelson asked JK Rowling if she’d ever like to write a comic book?

10. The Ambush Bug #6 Question. Will we ever see Ambush Bug #6?

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