Looking Ahead: Rocketbots by Chris Grine and Alex Grecian for Image

Looking Ahead: Rocketbots by Chris Grine and Alex Grecian for Image

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rb0A 48 page hardcover volume for Image Comics next year, Rocketbots is part of a recent drive to push comic book creators and their work into the young children’s book market. As a parent myself, I know the common paucity of such work, a few nice illustrations, in hardcover with some knocked-off copy, it often seems lazy and trite, like a comic with nothing but splash pages. My four year old much prefers the like of Bone, thank goodness, but many parents get tricked into buying pap, blind.

So it’s nice to see Image Comics hoping to trick them into buying some quality work with some actual panel-to-panel content instead. Hopefully this will sit well with the likes of Asterix and Tintin.

Artist Chris Grine is best known for the Dark Horse Comics’ all-ages Chicken Hare graphic novels he wrote and drew. Writer Alex Grecian for the less-all-ages Proof from Image and Seven Sons from AiT/PlanetLar

Rocketbots is about five robots that crash on Earth and wait millions of years to be rescued, only to be find that the rescuers are so advanced that the old robots are obselete and are planned for scrap. So they must recruit cavemen to fight alongside them. Robots vs Future Robots vs Cavemen. Nice. Here are some pencils for the project.


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