The Dragon*Con Minute: Sanford Greene with Cheryl Lynn Eaton

The Dragon*Con Minute: Sanford Greene with Cheryl Lynn Eaton

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One of the best things about DragonCon is the pop culture festival’s Artist Alley! Our Bleeding Cool operative took a moment or two to visit Artist Alley and talk to some of the creators present at the convention. Stay tuned for three episodes of the DragonCon Minute!

GreeneEpisode One:
Sanford Greene

CLE: Hi, this is Cheryl Lynn Eaton, your Bleeding Cool operative and I’m here with artist Sanford Greene. So, Sanford, tell me how your DragonCon is going so far!

SG: DragonCon is going well and I’m very excited to be here. I’ve been [attending DragonCon] for the past five years. I’ve had a great time selling my new sketchbook and some original art and just having a good time hanging out with some of my fellow artists that I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

CLE: Now, is there anything that our Bleeding Cool readers can see from you in the stores in the next few months?

SG: Actually, this month there will be a Hulk/X-Men one-shot that will be out. And next month, I have a Deadpool project that will be out around Halloween. I think that’s an appropriate time to have Deadpool!

CLE: Of course! Now do you want to tell us a little bit about Marvel Adventures? Because I see some work here that you haven’t mentioned yet.


SG: Yes, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man! I worked on that earlier this year. I believe I worked on issues #49 through #52. The trade or digest collecting my work should be out right about now.

CLE: Great! So readers can walk right into a store and pick that up!

SG: Yes! I also did a Legion of Superheroes story for DC Comics—issue #44. I worked with writer Jim Shooter–a comic legend. That’s out now as well.

CLE: Nice! Thank you so much for talking with us, Sanford. This is Cheryl Lynn Eaton with the DragonCon Minute and I’m out!

Cheryl Lynn writes for Digital Femme Online.



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