Saturday Salamanders, Singles, Spinoffs And Sentinels

Saturday Salamanders, Singles, Spinoffs And Sentinels

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Is Logan a Wolverine… or should he be called Newt instead? This amphibian sticks its sharp bones out through its skin to attack predators. Snikt, baby, snikt!

Times Leader interviews veteran and amputee Bryan Anderson, who featured in last week’s Captain America Theater Of War: The Solider On, written by Paul Jenkins, about his experience and transformation into comic book character.

Are you a geek? Do you like other geeks? Would you like to have sex with other geeks? Then why not join not-insulting-at-all dating agency Geek 2 Geek. Match compatibility of comic collections, find your perfect elf, hook up online and stay there. Hmm. Okay after five minutes browsing, this would have been very useful back in, ooh I dunno, 1994. Ah well.

Mark Millar tries to find bootleg videos of the trailers for the Kick Ass movie, because Lionsgate has taken them off YouTube. It is the funny.

A Boston property owner allowed a group of young folk to use her large blank wall for a graffiti project. And look, they drew a Sentinel.


More shots here. However not everyone liked it. And half finished, the owner is being forced to paint it back over.

446dreamlandAnd an animated Doctor Who series, Dreamland gets a visual teaser from the BBC. Hmm. He ain’t got no alibi, has he? Dreamland will appear first on the BBC interactive service in six parts before airing in full on BBC2. The Doctor will be voiced by David Tennant, and Georgina Moffet, daughter of Peter Davison, who played The Doctor’s Daughter returns in a new companion role. It was written by Phil Ford.

The full version of Bluewater’s Darren G Davis’ interview with Just Out goes online, talking about living with comics, biographies and HIV.

Eugene Mirman plugs Fables, the New York Times discovers Persepolis 2.0, the LA Times discovers AD: New Orleans After The Deluge, NY1 talks to Melvin Van Peebles about Confessions Of An Ex-Doofus Itchy-Footed Mutha and Minnesota’s City Pages turn to Comix.

And I’m off into town with my girls. Have a fun weekend all!

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