Nick Lowe’s Desk – And A Sneak Peek At Dark Reign: X-Men: The List #1?

Nick Lowe is an editor at Marvel Comics. Who seems to have a penchant for leaving Post It Notes everywhere. To the extent that his co-workers felt that had their own say. He twittered the following photo of what he walked into earlier this week.


Eagle eyed viewers however noticed on the far right, a cover image, presumably for X-Men: Dark Reign: The List #1 by Alan Davis, previously only seen in this odd-legged blacked-out version, now with added characters;


Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops… anyone else? Is that Havok at the back? Is it a Summers reunion? Either way it seems that Namor has turned against Norman Osbourne and is fighting with the X-Men rfather than against them. Oh and apparently…


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