Forget Free Comic Book Day – This Is Comic Book-Free Day

christmasNew comics are available from comic stores on Wednesdays in the USA and Canada and Thursdays in the UK. Unless there’s a US holiday which means everything gets delayed a day. Some shops get their comics the day before but they aren’t allowed to sell them until the appointed day. That’s the way things work.

Except this Christmas things get interesting. UK and US stores will both get their comics to sell on Wednesday 23rd but the week after, Wednesday 30th, things change. Because of the dates that UPS people take for holidays, this year, there will be no comics on Wednesday 30th. Nor on Thursday 31st. Not even welcoming in the New Year on Friday, January 1st 2010.

No, you won’t get any comics until… Wednesday January 6th.

That’s two weeks between deliveries, during the biggest Sale events of the year. Some comic shops will relish the opportunity, getting customers in for a sale without having to worry about a bill for new comics that week. While revenue might drop, profit could very likely increase.

But on January 6th, the motherload of all deliveries as all the just-too-late-for Christmas product that always ships around then joins in with the New Year books to crush various stores.

And just think of the poor comic book fans having to make it through the festive period without getting a glimpse of how Spider-Man is coping with it all.

It’s going to be an odd period, and one that Bleeding Cool intends to cover, every day, even Christmas and New Year Days, and we hope to see you all, alive and sane, on the other side.

It’s going to be hell. Or, maybe they’ll decide to do this every year.

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