The Walking Dead – The Other Bid


Okay, so I first heard about a The Walking Dead series from HBO, being worked up with Guillermo del Toro and Don Murphy a while ago. It was slow in progress but the kind of thing that media attention could kill, one of those on-again-off-again relationships. It’s not unknown, so I put it to the back of my mind. It was certainly worth revisiting.

Then the other day Variety announced that AMC was in final talks to produce a Walking Dead series of their own, with Frank Darabont.

Which is odd, because until San Diego Comic Con, HBO believed the series was all but signed on the dotted line, arranged as a sister show to True Blood, although certain demands had yet to be met. Negotiations were broken off and rumours circulated (and were denied) that Kirkman’s management company Circle Of Confusion was shipping the property elsewhere. Which, it now seems, were on the money.

And now the press releases have gone out touting the less prominent channel AMC (although, you know, Mad Men and Breaking Bad, they do seem to have a rather decent strike rate here…) as the lucky recipient, Circle Of Confusion’s David Alpert now as an executive producer.

I understand HBO have washed their hands of the project and are looking in a slightly grumpy direction at Circle Of Confusion making tutting noises…

But hey, don’t all the boys fight over the prettiest girl? And who can blame then when Kirkman keeps flashing his leg. An undead rotting leg with a bit of bone sticking through.

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