Teen Titans: Games - Everyone Cross Their Collective Fingers...

Teen Titans: Games – Everyone Cross Their Collective Fingers…

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gamescvrIt’s long been hoped that the previously-unpublished-and-once-thought-abandoned Teen Titans: Games graphic novel by Marv Wolfman and George Perez would be completed and published for next year. Because 2010 would be the 30th anniversary of the New Teen Titans comic by Wolfman and Perez.

Initially plotted by Marv Wolfman, with a number of pages drawn by George Perez and Al Vey in the late eighties, there have been a number of attempts to revive and complete the project. But George Perez appears to have been talking the possibility up at WizardWorld Chicago Comic Con. So how would this be achieved?

Perez has drawn at least seventy of the hundred-and-twenty planned pages (a number of which reprinted below), many of which were inked by Al Vey. I understand that Mike Perkins has been recruited to ink the uninked pages and to ink new pages that Perez is working on.

The graphic novel has not been scripted yet, and Marv would probably need a good couple of months on completion. Perez also talks at Chicago about created a new framing sequence to put the book in context.

This is not a definite scheduling, to be sure. But with Perez is working on pages right now, Wolfman happy to return to the project and Perkins on board, there’s certainly a better chance of the book seeing publication now, than for quite some time…















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