Monday Morning - Libraries, Ballads And X-Men

Monday Morning – Libraries, Ballads And X-Men

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franz-nicolayThe Milford Daily News has a library column. And what’s this I see?

Calling all comic fans. During August, a collection of special edition comics will be in the adult display case.

Will this be Maus, Black Hole, From Hell, Lost Girls even, what are we talking here?

The comics featured in the display are exclusive to Wizard Magazine subscribers and include full-color issues by such comic publishers as Marvel, Homage, Top Cow, and Dark Horse. Comics feature the following characters: Darkchylde, Nightwing, and Vampirella, among others.

Oh, I well I suppose…

The collection belongs to a local resident who is drawn to the vivid artwork and the classic themes of good vs. evil inherent in the comic adventures.

Sigh. Alright, own up you lot.

The Ballad Of Hollis Mason by Franz Nicolay of Hold Steady will be made available on his upcoming album St. Sebastian Of The Short Stage. Here’s a bootleg…

During a Millarworld conversation about Mark Millar projects that never were, the possibility of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch revamping Marvel’s X-Men line came up again. But is it as dead as thought? Bryan Hitch writes;

We talked about it as recently as a few weeks ago. Doing it depends on several factors we can’t fix yet so as vague as it sounds, it will happen when we are both ready to do it. Or, it won’t…

Which is nice and definite.

Can I go back to bed yet?

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