Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Chicago To Oxford, Via India

Lazy Sunday Afternoon – Chicago To Oxford, Via India

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indiaSunday morning. I got up with the kids, watched a mixture of politics shows and children’s TV (not much difference), made breakfast, took the kids with me to church, came back, made a chicken salad for the family and grandparents, and just had a little snooze. You?

Well, it appears that some of you are recovering from what some people are callingh the busiest WizardWorld Chicago Comic Con for four years. Apparently you don’t need Marvel or DC booths to bring the people in. Though you might need Twilight. Shout out to the Suicide Girls for squatting on the unfilled CBLDF booth there. And a bigger shout out to who raised almost $30,000 for John Ostrander’s treatment for glaucoma, with a lot more art still to sell.

And when Twilight may not have destroyed Chicago Comic Con, it did eat into the DC Nation Panel a bit, giving less time to talk about the Doc Savage/Batman crossover by Brian Azzarello with Blackhawk, The Spirit, Black Canary, and The Avenger all kicking around.

Oh, and, tip for the future, if you’re cheap like me, why not hang around outside a convention after a Twilight event and when everyone leaves, offer to buy the remainder of their ticket for a few bucks. Because there was a lot of that going on yesterday.

The show seems all about the fans… whether you’re finding Sideshow Abe Sapiens for $10, twittering “I was a Super Hero by day at Comic Con in Chicago & danced all night at Lollapalooza at Depeche Mode! Awesome day! Enjoy life & have fun!”or wondering if indeed this is the correct use of the word literally – “Met mark millar. He’s too fuckin cool. Literally shot the shit.”

My fantasy of Michelle Rodriguez throwing me on a table & Rhona Mitra joining in didn’t happen. Chicago comic-con was fun.” That’s better. “I was taking pictures out the window of the con floor from the lounge. Mark Millar asked if I was stalking someone.” That too.

And the big question for Chicago Comic Con is will the price of trade paperbacks drop any lower towards the end of Sunday? We started with $5-a-trade stalls, with in four-for-$10 being reported right now. Can it get any lower by end of play?

Chicago Comic Con hits the news with WGN-TV… and the reporter calls it Wizard World! What a faux pas! But what else has been going on?

Bring back Superman Day!

We’ve had film-to-comics, game-to-comics, toy-to-comics, now we have tattoos-to-comics as Buz Hanson takes his skin artwork and puts it on paper.

The Heroes and Villains: The Battle for Good in India’s Comics exhibition at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art gets more press… as well as this visual from Ramayan 3392 AD from 2006.

And next weekend is Caption in Oxford. There’s a convention I might just make it to. Damn, no wi-fi.

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