A View Of Saturday's Chicago From A Distance - UPDATED

A View Of Saturday’s Chicago From A Distance – UPDATED

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jessicaJessica Jones back in costume for New Avengers Annual#3? Is this a betrayal of the character or the natural circle of life?

Anyway, it’s been really weird to watch the reaction of attendees to WizardWorld Chicago Comics Con this year. Initially there was a fair amount of disappointment, at the smaller amount of people attending and the fact that the big publishers didn’t have booths there. And instead there were booths for Gillette. Some people almost felt embarrassed. But then… something started to happen. The messages I was getting started to change in tone.

People realised that with smaller numbers, they could actually get into the panels they wanted to see without queuing overnight. Hell, some people just walked into the Kick Ass footage – something you just couldn’t do at San Diego. People found they could get a sketch from George Perez or J Scott Campbell by lining up for five minutes. Without the Marvel and DC booths, people were free to discover other kinds of comics. And on Friday, they hit the bars to find Mark Millar buying drinks for all and sundry. And some people even got a shave.

Basically it was turning into a British convention. Where people go to talk about comics, actually meet the creators socially and, well, geek out a bit. Mark Millar has made a splash with Twitters like “Thanks you Mark Millar for showing me, personally, a great time!”, “Just shook mark millar’s hand as he made fun of Bendis. Awesome.” and “You know just hanging out with mark millar…”

People have even made it into the Twilight panel, going on right now, without destroying the convention. Though that may explain why the female contingent on the show floor has just plummeted. Twits are coming in… “Time to pick up some chicks at the Twilight / New Moon panel. To make this easier: All ladies have your age on forehead, all legal please”… “Average weight at the twilight panel > average weight at the marvel panel… Eww”…

Heh… and it seems that the CBLDF empty booth that no one is exactly sure if the CBLDF knew about, has been taken over by the Suicide Girls. Can anyone thing of a more appropriate appropriation?


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