A View From Booth #1435 - Comix4Sight And ComicMix At Chicago Comic Con

A View From Booth #1435 – Comix4Sight And ComicMix At Chicago Comic Con

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ostrander-auction-kubert-batman-hawkmanBy Glenn Hauman

Wow, it’s been busy here at our booth. The stuff that’s been coming in for the John Ostrander benefit auction (tonight at 7:30 PM central time) has been impressive, both in terms of generosity and sheer “oh my lord I want that” factor.

People have been coming by all weekend and dropping off donations– Jim Engel handed over original art for one of the last Mickey Mouse Sunday strips, John Jackson Miller brought a stack of Star Wars comics, Barry Crain added his signature and a drawing of an Old Mink bottle to the Munden’s Bar contributors shirt, and various fans have been handing over cash donations, from $5 to $100.

My only concern today is making sure we can get the internet feed from the auction working, so that the live audio feed at getthepointradio.com will work and that we can set up an AOL IM chat room to take additional bids. There are lots of people who couldn’t make it to the con who want that Batman and Hawkman drawing by Andy and Joe Kubert, although I’m not counting out the bidders for Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo, or the original art pages from Cerebus or Chaykin’s American Flagg!

We’re putting up pictures of some of the latest stuff in at http://www.comicmix.com, and there are the galleries at http://www.comix4sight.com, where you can also make donations via Paypal.

Really, we’ve been touched by the outpouring of good will and generosity. Even though times are tough for everybody, people are still pulling together for one of their own.

Glenn Hauman works for ComicMix.

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