Friday Fables, Mayhem, Mindee, Hoodies And Swipe Worry

Friday Fables, Mayhem, Mindee, Hoodies And Swipe Worry

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fablesOkay, that’s a poorly faked sign. But forget Twilight. Turns out that the big stand off at Comic Con was happening in the Fables panel, where Bill Willingham chose to lightly mock the fact that his full panel was populated by a significant section of people who were “squatting”, getting a seat for the next panel for Venture brothers. And not interested in Fables at all and keeping genuine Fables fans out of the room. Venture Bros fan Dave Chandler has posted an open letter to Mr. Willingham, getting one right back again from from Bill.

Or possibly did Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem destroys comics? Despite a large promotional push at the time of ordering, and considerable presence at San Diego Comic Con, the first sign of trouble may have been the Mayhem party which, scheduled against Radical’s KISS bash, suffered in comparison, and complaints against aggressive hand sellers at San Diego Comic Con, one I heard trying to sell signed copies for $10 near the Image booth with the kind of patter one might expect from a used car salesman “I might buy it later” “Well, why don’t you take the ten dollars out of your pocket and buy it now?” The book has come under criticism as a guns-n-ammo nineties style Image book, that used an “astroturf campaign” (an artifically created grassroots movement that is no such thing) to convince retailers to order copies, and mass publicity has had only one proper bite.. And now the singer/songwriter/actor/model’s comic book has actually shipped… well it’s just sitting unsold on shelves after shipping this week according to many retailers. Those who ordered 2 or 3 copies are happy with this, they will probably sell the copies purely out of curiosity. Those who ordered twenty or more are resigned to having them hit 50 cent bins. And those who ordered a hundred or more – well, Tyrese Gibson will probably go round those stores individually for an “event” – maybe the only way to actually shift these copies. And as to all those people who called and emailed retailers asking about the availability of the comic? Vanished in the dust. This may be the greatest drop from issue one orders to issue two for quite a while.

mindee1Oh and Matt Fraction has finally fixed one of the post-Grant Morrison niggles from the X-Men titles. The “Stepford Cuckoos” from New X-Men were telepathic quintuplets that modelled themselves on Emma Frost. Their names were inteded to spell out “spice”, but Grant only got round to naming four of them, Sophie, Phoebe, Celeste and Esme. Then Chuck Austen named the fifth one “Mindee”. Well, in a recent issue, Fraction made the amend seen right…

“Irma”, it seems.

Yeah, if that was my name, I’d go with Mindee too.

Either way, the “Spice” girls are fixed. Okay Fraction, now fix the Xorn and Cassandra messes properly.

Easy Cosplay.

Met up with David Hine in the pub last night who was singing the praises of Warren Ellis’ Frankenstein’s Womb for Avatar, as well as expressing relief. He’d been worried when hearing about it to the similarity in premise between his work for Archaia on Days Missing. But was relieved to find them very different beasts, although with some very odd similarities…

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