So What’s Actually Happening With The Doctor Who Movie?

julieProducer Julie Gardner and showrunner Russell T Davies made it clear at San Diego. “We are not making any announcement about a Doctor Who movie,” she said. “I’m really sorry. I don’t know where the rumor started. But what it’s made us think is it might be a good idea to do at some point. Is this something that you want?”

This is the great thing about people who work on Doctor Who. They are quite happy to lie, lie boldly, lie to your face, swear on their grandmother’s graves, say ‘scout’s honour and promise, absolutely, that the Master isn’t coming back.

Thing is, there was that pesky BBC release that mentioned a Doctor Who movie was being worked on that they haven’t managed to explain away yet.

I’m told that Russell T Davies is definitely signed on to a Doctor Who movie project, and is currently working on the script in the US. Given that Gardner has now moved from BBC Wales to the American branch of BBC Worldwide, it’s also possible to speculate about her possible involvement. And certainly she and Russell must have chatted about it.

This one will be fun to watch squeeze out.

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