The Wossy Has Landed

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He’s just flown into Los Angeles with David Tennant, then whooshed across to the San Diego. And I just nervously (hence the shaky cam)bumped into Britain’s most famous TV presenter as he checked into the Homophobic Hyatt Hotel in his cosplay gear. I say cosplay, Ross is a famously snappy dresser, and it could just have been his choice of clothes today.

Ross is probably the UK’s most prominent comic book fan. He once co-owned a comics store, owns many key books (recently selling one of his copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 for charity), recently filmed a tribute to the work of Steve Diko for BBC4 and often talks up comics on his shows. He’s a friend of Neil Gaiman and Mark Millar, is currently writing his own comic book and a plug for anything from his lips can sent sales soaring.

Welcome to Con, Jonathan.

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