Lying In The Gutters - Monday 20th 2009

Lying In The Gutters – Monday 20th 2009

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litg_grEvery Monday at around 6pm in the UK, 10am on the West Coast, 1pm on the East Coast, Lying In The Gutters will bring you roundup of the week on Bleeding Cool and a few other odds and sods.

Warren Ellis kicked off the week with his ruminations on art styles, and musical tastes. The movie adaptation of the unfinished Image gangster comic Pretty Baby Machine was announced, Hart D Fisher’s life changing experience blogged about, the first of a line of Spirou titles translated into English was announced, how a fight with Don Murphy became a movie, I spoiled No Hero #6, a photo of Trent Reznor and Grant and Kirsten Morrison hanging out, Vertigo’s I, Zombie name already being taken, he found hope for Gutsville, Alan Moore’s new erotic hardcover got listed, Tom Baker came back, Neil Gaiman had a hidden hardcover, Adam Beechens got raided, Quesada got spotted at Letterman, laughing at Amazon, Dave Dorman owed a grand by the Dabels, noted a female villain in the Spider-Man musical, celebrated the return of Dwayne McDuffie (and kicked off a riot in the comments) and looked at a bunch of upcoming Marvel projects.

In San Diego news there was fun with clashing panels, Boom announced their hardcovers, Frank Cho had to pulp his sketchbooks, wedding plans and shagging plans were made, I planned to kidnap Warren Ellis and subvert his signing, a gallery of nice piccies, Sony channelling 4chan for DC Online, and plugged Avatar’s free Absolution #0 at the show. You can find me at San Diego using this handy dandy schedule.

Two money-owed investigations have been undertaken, with payments made to both parties.

Oh and we got Josh Hoopes, again, big time, on tape.

So what else is happening? Well, in arty circles, Blangadore in India has an exhibition of classic graphic novels, from A Tale Of Two Cities to Tank Girl. The Observer launches a graphic short story competition with ComICA.

I’ve started to wonder whether the San Diego Masquerade may start to resemble these reports… egads. Those light sabres could come in handy.

And tomorrow morning I fly out to San Diego. But I’m leaving you with a nice wodge of articles before I do..

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