From Message Board To Sony-Commissioned Comment...

From Message Board To Sony-Commissioned Comment…

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“Batman beats everyone! Batman could beat God! In fact Batman did beat God! With a pool cue! A bat-pool cue!”

“I hate Flash. He’s just like Superman, except he can do less and he doesn’t have a cape. And that 90’s TV show was weak. Weak!”

“I like Power Girl. I… I really like Power Girl. In fact I go around cutting holes in the top of every woman’s clothes with my big shears. It’s only a matter of time before they arrest me.”

Nathalie Nourian of BH Impact send a press release round today promoting a competition to promote the imminent DC Universe Online MMORG at San Diego, asking fans to visit Sony Online Entertainment’s booth #5201 to record videos describing their thoghts about their favourite or most hated DC characters.

Do they know what they’ve let themselves in for? It’ll be like 4chan but live. The press release continues;

“Whether it’s a song-and-dance tribute to the Pied Piper, or your diabolical plans to trick Mr. Mxyzptlk into saying his name backward, this is a chance to have fun and show just how creative fans can be,” said Debysue Wolfcale, global senior brand manager, Sony Online Entertainment.

It’s going to be hell, isn’t it? Further details are available here. And why not practise what you’re going to say on the comments below?


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