A Gibson/Reznor/Morrison Supergroup? And A Michael Jackson Twist...

A Gibson/Reznor/Morrison Supergroup? And A Michael Jackson Twist…

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Recently Tyrese Gibson twittered

Got a dinner with Grant Morrison coming this week..!! Comic book legend! Research is everything people!! I wanna know all about this world!

Well now Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails fame) just tweeted that he

Just had another interesting and enlightening conversation with Grant and Kristan Morrison. Repercussions to follow.

With Grant’s previous associations with Robbie Williams is there any possibility that Grant could be putting a band together again by any chance? A supergroup? A SuperGroup? Or is Morrison just enjoying LA?

In other music news, Ian Halperin, the Michael Jackon biographer who believes that Jackson was gay, states

I say in the book that one of the ways he was able to meet his lovers was by dressing up as a woman. Some of the media have been skeptical about that, but I can prove it without a shadow of a doubt. I have photos of him dressing up as a woman, and I’ll include them in my film when it comes out next year.

Is there a comics connection here? Peter David wrote

I was walking around Disneyland.  I was by myself, which probably means that it was after the San Diego Comicon.  I was at the far end of Main Street near the Magic Castle, and I saw what looked like the wife of a sultan coming toward me.  Very tall, swathed from head to toe in robes, with only the eyes visible.  She was bracketed by four Disney security guards:  guys dressed in black suits with Disney name tags.  Her gaze was darting around; she looked nervous.  Also, for some reason, the eyes looked vaguely familiar.  And there was just something…odd…about the way she moved.  She didn’t actually seem to walk so much as glide.  The only other part of her body that was visible were her hands.  They looked rather large for a woman, the fingers tapered, the skin pale.

I put it together in about three seconds and, as I passed, I said just loudly enough to be heard, “Nice disguise, Michael.”  Michael Jackson’s head snapped around, the eyes crinkled slightly as we made eye contact, and I heard a very soft chuckle even as he kept going.  Later on I happened to encounter another Disney security guy who wasn’t among the force I’d seen earlier, and I said, “Excuse me…I was just wondering.  Earlier today I saw what appeared to be a robed woman walking around, except was that Michael–?”  “Jackson, yeah, that was him,” said the guard.

If only Peter had taken a photo… and I wonder who Michael was meeting there that day? Please, no jokes.

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