Brian Bendis Remembers Getting Laid A Lot In The Nineties - Official

Brian Bendis Remembers Getting Laid A Lot In The Nineties – Official

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Earlier today I ran the story that Marvel would be relaunching the Ultimate Comics titles with Foilogram enhancement covers, reminiscent of Marvel and many other publishers choices during the nineties, including Ghost Rider #15, the Fatal Atrractions crossover and Punisher War Journal#1.

A few hours later Marvel put out a press release announcing the story, confirming the “Foilogram” covers for Ultimate Comics Avengers #1, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 and Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1.

Brian Bendis’ board had some criticism of the decision, leading Brian to first twitter that

i love a good nerdtrum in the morning!

before adding the twit screencapped above.

First I’d like to say “thanks Brian” for the headline, to confirm his analysis of the nineties, and to state that not only did I buy a bunch of those enhanced covers because my twenty-year old self thought they were damn cool, but odds are I’ll buy these enhanced covers. For exactly the same reason.

And for those snobs, may I remind them that not only did Sandman have glow in the dark and foil covers that would never have happened without Ghost Rider #15 and Silver Surfer #50, but that Acme Novelty Library had extra-colour enhancements that wouldn’t have happened without Hulk #377. And I can roll those numbers off like my daughter’s middle names…

Anyway, the nineties were great. From Pulp to Pulp Fiction, Blair to Blur, GBH to Hate , Lee And Herring to AKA Goldfish, Vic Reeves to Trainspotting, Suede to SandmanFrom Hell to meeting my wife on Earl’s Court tube station, what’s not to love?

What’s your favourite comics or non-comics nineties thing?

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