Wednesday Internet Runaround – USA Today and New York Daily News On Wednesday Comics

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As predicted, Wednesday Comics hits the headlines as the New York Daily News splashed on the new oversized weekly series from DC Comics, quoting Dan DiDio as saying “It’s either old-fashioned or it’s cutting edge, or it’s a little bit of both”

USA Today features the Superman story from Wednesday Comics by John Arcudi and Lee Bermejo in full in its pages and will run subsequent pages from the title each week online. Could Speculator Corner be about to strike gold again? And note the Comic shop Locator website and phone number listed at the bottom of the full page strip.

CBR splash out on a boat for San Diego again. Hmm, I wonder if I can gatecrash it…

Dare Comics sells a perpetual digital ad in all its online comics, on eBay – currently at £10,000 ($16,198)
Persepolis 2.0 – the famous work by Majane Satrapi, reworked to comment on the current situation in Iran. Download and pass it on.
Will 100 Bullets be an HBO series? /Film thinks so…
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