Monday Internet Morning Runaround

Monday Internet Morning Runaround

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The Guardian newspaper disappoints with lazy sterotypical headline “Comic-book economics and the markets” which is not about the $3.99 price point or Diamond’s minimum terms…

However The Guardian and other papers cover the DC Universe/The 99 crossover announced last week with greater sensitivity. Even if some of their commentators don’t. Paul Levitz is quoted as saying “It is a long-standing tradition for characters to meet others in the fictional world, and over the years a lot of the superheroes have been translated into Arabic, taking on ethnic elements. But this is a nice step forward. The most difficult creative test is when you are working with the least precedent and when you’re trying to reach an audience that has a different cultural bias and different interests” while creator of The 99, psychologist Dr Naif Al- Mutawa asks “Are we going to have them working together from day one, or will they think the other is the enemy? Enemy number one is fear. You could open it with Obama’s speech [in Cairo] with the two sets of superheroes watching it and having different reactions. There’s plenty of possibilities”

Although a CBC reader adds “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh heck no it is Super Al Mutawas flying into the building and destroying it. Opps it was a hospital. An Islamic Hospital. Darn!”

Mark Millar’s Orson Welles-Batman story gets another airing in The Sunday Times.

And what happens when three Los Angeles friends get drunk together. Acccording to the LA Times, they create a comic book

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