Friday Internet Morning Runaround - Amazing Spider-Man Subscription Levels, Kick Ass For Sale

Friday Internet Morning Runaround – Amazing Spider-Man Subscription Levels, Kick Ass For Sale

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Todd Allen has number crunched Marvel’s subscription data and has revealed that Tom Brevoort’s claims that Marvel could have launched the three-times-a-month Amazing Spider-Man title on subscriptions alone seem a little precarious when the book sells 9000 each issue alone, although that was a couple of years ago. However, you could definitely launch the Marvel Adventures Spider-Man series on current subscriptions alone, selling over 30,000 an issue.

The character of Deadpool will be breaking the fourth wall in his upcoming movie, as he did briefly in one of the Wolverine Origins endings. While the comic did see him directly address the audience on occasion, think more John Byrne’s She-Hulk for a guide…

Panini/Marvel UK do have the rights to reprint IDW Doctor Who material. Come on guys, Room With A Deja View made available for the good British folks? Please?

I ran a Speculator Corner piece on Wednesday Comics, shipping next week. not too long ago. Looks like I may have been right, small mainstream press is starting on this book already. Houston Chronicle, Plain Dealer and Toledo Free Press make the first moves.

As San Diego con goers get to see exclusive footage, the Kick Ass movie will be screened in full to studio heads at/after San Diego, according to Mark Millar, at which point the movie will be auctioned off. You know, if enough fanboys got together and pooled all their cash… This is a very clever way to show studios/distributors the demand for such a product, have tens of thousands of geeks baying for it…

Oh and a Julius Caesar spread from Classical Comics (recently dropped by Diamond) by Sean O’Conner and Gary Erskine.



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