Chew #2... Under Starter's Orders... And We're Off!

Chew #2… Under Starter’s Orders… And We’re Off!

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Bleeding Cool has been your number one source for the last few weeks on the aftermarket demand for new Image series Chew. With first prints of the first issue hitting $55 and $290 for mint slabbed editions, there was going to be a lot of attention on the second issue when it came out. Which it did yesterday in the US, today in the UK.

Now, most unusually, the second issue had a higher print run than the first. Most retailers guess that some people who bought the first issue won’t want to read the second, so drop orders acocordingl. Traditionally, if the book is popular and there is a demand, sales will start to lift from the fourth or fifth issue up.

However in this case, demand for the first issue was so high, and Image now allow retailers to change their orders weeks before the book ships, that the second issue reflected that extra demand. Not enough, but it still reflected it.

So you won’t see $50 issue 2 of Chew. But, right now on eBay, copies have been sold for $16, current auction copies are up to $11.50 and a mint slabbed copy is at $30.

And writer John Layman is running around signing as many deals as he can! Sadly interest in Chew hasn’t yet passed over to Layman’s Bay City Jive

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