Frank Frazetta Presumably Doesn't Regain Rights To Artwork

Frank Frazetta Presumably Doesn’t Regain Rights To Artwork

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The other day I, amongst other comics-related news sources, received a press release stating that Frank Frazetta had regained rights to his artwork from Underwood Books.

I didn’t run anything, press releases have to be pretty unusual for me to take notice. Comic Book Resources ran the full press release, and some other places probably did as well.

Then today we all got a followup email saying that the previous press release had been withdrawn and could we all take it off our site, from the Law Office of Tedd Kessler, P.C. in New York.

Well it wasn’t there in the first place, so there was nothing to remove. But now? Now I’m intrigued.

I wonder what happened. Anyone?

Image probably copyright Frank Frazetta.

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