San Diego Dreaming: Archie Wedding Panel And A Bunch Of TV Stuff

San Diego Dreaming: Archie Wedding Panel And A Bunch Of TV Stuff

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archie6001The Archie Wedding Panel kicks of at San Diego on Thursday, July 23rd in Room 4 from 11.30-12.30, not only will there be news about the wedding that will last a lunchtime, but Archie TV shows and movies to announce! Woo! Bring your own confetti! Michael Uslan, senior execs from Archie, IDW and more will be on to… hang on IDW? What are they doing there. I’d better ask.

If you’re still unsure about attending, you’ll get a free Archie Marries Veronica poster. For you to carry around for the rest of the day.

Thankfully it doesn’t clash with the Dexter panel on Thursday, in the Ballroom 20 from 5pm-6pm. Am I the only one who would love an Archie/Dexter crossover? C’mon, they’ve fone it with The Punisher.

The Middleman and Psych panels on Thursday are To Be Decided, but here are the rest of the TV panels confirmed or semi-confirmed to date… which are you going to? (Dexter, Mighty Boosh, Dollhouse, Fringe, Doctor Who and Torchwood for me…)

Friday, July 24th

Batman. The Brave and the Bold, Room 6DE, 10am-11am
Flash Forward, Room 6A, 11.45 am-12.45 am
The Big Bang Theory, Ballroom 20, 1 pm-2 pm
Past Life Room, 6A, 2.15 pm-3.15 pm
The Mighty Boosh, Room 6A, 4.45 pm-5.45 pm
Dollhouse, Ballroom 20, time TBD
Stargate Universe, TBD
Caprica, TBD
Eureka, TBD

Saturday, July 25

, Ballroom 20, 10 am-11 am
Eastwick, Room 6A, 10.15 am-11.15 am
Lost, Hall H, 11 am-noon
V, Ballroom 20, 2.45 pm-3.45 pm
Fringe, Ballroom 20, 4 pm-5 pm
Human Target, Room 6BCF, 4.45 pm-5.45 pm
The Vampire Diaries, Room 6BCF, 6 pm-7 pm
MythBusters, Room 6BCF, 6.15 pm-7.15 pm
Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead & Torchwood. Children of Earth, Room 6A, 7.30 P.M-10.30 P.M
Warehouse 13, TBD
Sanctuary, TBD

Sunday, July 26

Doctor Who, Ballroom 20, 10 am-11 am
The Spectacular Spider-Man, Room 6A, 10.00 am-11.00 am
Smallville, Room 6BCF, 10.30 am-11.30 am
Supernatural, Room 6BCD, 11.45 am-12.45 pm
Being Human & Torchwood, Room 6BCF, 2.15 pm-3.45 pm

Start marking your dance cards… now!

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