Transformers And Testicles: What's All The Fuss, We've Been Here Before

Transformers And Testicles: What’s All The Fuss, We’ve Been Here Before

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Yes, there is a Transformer in the new movie with testicles. Big swinging ones. And yes, thanks to militarised quick thinking John Tuturro, they become a plot point in the movie. But it’s not as like this is a major change for Transformers fans. Have they forgotten Heinrad so soon?

Heinrad was one of the Beast Wars Neo figures, that transformed into native Japanese animals, in his case the Tanuki or Racoon Dog. That was traditionally portrayed as having massive testicles. So when Heinrad took his Beast Form, he looked like… well… this.


Thanks to Orbital Comics of London for the reminder. In other related news, Orbital have a gallery of original Transformers comic book artwork by Nick Roche and a big Transformers comics signing tomorrow from 2pm with Transformers creators Simon Furman, Nick Roche, John Davis Hunt, Liam Shalloo and Boo.

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