Review: Predator #1 By John Arcudi And Javier Saltares

Review: Predator #1 By John Arcudi And Javier Saltares

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Predators In Iraq During American Occupation. That’s your high concept for this comic, and a rather effective one it is as well. Okay, the countries have been changed to protect the innocent, but we see pampered isolated suits being shipped across the city by hard-working, loyal, fearless grunts, as they are wiped out and the suits kidnapped, initially by insurgents and then by, well… you probably guessed that from the title of the comic. And then it gets weirder.

It’s an occupation procedural comic in many ways, we see the army reacting to various threats in various ways, and the existence and threat of the Predators is seen in these terms. This approach is a clever, stylistic and intelligent one that makes sense of a bunch of aliens coming to do some out-of-state hunting.

So yes, there are all sorts of political sub texts here, but none that feel preachy or moralistic and certainly none that get in the way of a damn fine Predator comic.

Predator #1 by John Arcudi and Javier Saltares published by Dark Horse this week.

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