Speculator Corner: Okay, So It's Possible Captain America #600 Did Get Some Media Coverage After All

Speculator Corner: Okay, So It’s Possible Captain America #600 Did Get Some Media Coverage After All

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This is not an Obama situation, where copies of that Amazing Spider-Man issue were going for $200 a week after shipping.

But it seems a day or two after the original announcement (and BleedingCool’s first review of the comic) that a few people have got interested. Like the BBC, MTV, CNN. New York Times, Washington Post

…and most importantly the Metro global network of free newspapers. That way leads true mainstream media…

But it, like so many, managed not to mention the existence of Captain America #600. Which a lot of retailers were banking on. Though the online report from CNN was updated shortly after posting to add this detail.

On eBay some people have managed to get away with selling both variant covers for $10, $2 above cover price,  for the pair, as some retailers report sporadic distribution of the 50/50 covers. And a 9.8 CGC slabbed edition of the comic did go for $40. But there are plenty of unbid auctions, in some cases the comic failing to sell for 99c.

Is there anything else that might help it along? Well, there have been a number of rumours still circulating about the announcement of the movie casting. In this case, we know there will be a film, and there will be someone playing Captain America.

And some have seen Bryan Hitch’s comment in the original New York Daily News article as a serious, Marvel-approved hint, describing Captain America “at heart is a bit of an old-fashioned guy – he looks like Brad Pitt, but smells like your granddad”…

You know, Marvel have said they need an A-lister for this film to make the character internationally appealing… but odds are we won’t hear about it for a while.

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