Christian couple sentenced for six weeks for distributing Jack Chick comics

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the-little-bride-12Today, a court in Singapore sentenced the fifty year old Ong Kian Cheong and his forty-six year old wife, Dorothy Chan Hien Leng for distributing a series of eleven Jack Chick comics, described as “seditious or objectionable” to Muslims.

Jack Chick comics, or “tracts” have a long established reputation for fundamentalist muscular Christian evangelism, against all manner of topics from evolution to drug use to Islam to rock music to Catholicism to Father Christmas to the works of JK Rowling. To say the allegations made an expressed are controversial, even among other Christians, would be an understatement. And they aren’t shy about ascribing the pit of hell to all those who fall foul of such topics.

the-little-bride-13The couple stated they weren’t aware of the contents of the comic, sent in the post to certain Muslim Chinese citizens, The Little Bride and Who is Allah? When the couple were arrested, police seized hundreds of copies of the comic books.

Ironically, Chick’s work had been originally inspired by the use of comic book propaganda by Singapore’s neighbour, China, in the nineteen fifties.

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