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Getting a Big Box of HBO Watchmen Stuff

Unboxing a Big Box of HBO Watchmen Stuff – But Should I Have?

I just received a big box of Watchmen stuff from HBO after it battled its way through customs. Somewhat personalised too. An unboxing in which I battle with my own hypocrisy. Go take a look… Watchmen airs on HBO on October 20th and on Sky TV on October 21st.  


Television: Still Whiter Than a Polar Bear in a Snowstorm [BC TV MELTDOWN-OPINION]

The number one problem with television today is a lack of diversity. What?!?! But what about hit shows like Black-ish, Atlanta, Fresh Off the Boat, Scandal, Empire, Superstore, The Good Place? First, most of those are critical successes, but not necessarily ratings successes. Indeed, the top rated scripted and reality shows are still over-whelmingly white, […]

Maisie Williams to Host UK "RuPaul’s Drag Race" for BBC

“Two Weeks To Live” Puts Maisie Williams on the Run

Maisie Williams is set to hang up her Needle and grab a bundle of cash in the Sky Original comedy series Two Weeks To Live. Two Weeks To Live has Williams playing Kim Noakes, a country girl who finds herself in trouble with the locals more often than not. She’s pretty fond of pulling pranks, […]