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“One-Punch Man” vs. “Aggretsuko”? How This “Anime War” Is Just the Opening Salvo in a Bigger Streaming Battle [OPINION]

Anime streaming service Crunchyroll and Viz Europe Media Group signed a partnership agreement on Friday. This links Crunchyroll’s global platform of 50 million users with Viz Media’s European network of distributors, licenses and partners under one umbrella – impressive enough to even make One-Punch Man superhero Saitama smile. Crunchyroll is owned by WarnerMedia, which is […]


Television: Still Whiter Than a Polar Bear in a Snowstorm [BC TV MELTDOWN-OPINION]

The number one problem with television today is a lack of diversity. What?!?! But what about hit shows like Black-ish, Atlanta, Fresh Off the Boat, Scandal, Empire, Superstore, The Good Place? First, most of those are critical successes, but not necessarily ratings successes. Indeed, the top rated scripted and reality shows are still over-whelmingly white, […]

Too Many Streaming Services? Blame Wall St, Not Cord-Cutters [OPINION]

Streaming Service Overkill? Blame Wall Street, Not Cord-Cutters [OPINION]

We’re about to enter a new phase of “Peak TV”: Peak Streaming. I hear friends complain that this is what happens when we stopped paying for cable, decrying that we had to spend so much on channels we wouldn’t watch. Now? We’re on the verge of spending as much every month to subscribe to all […]

'Dr. Stone" Prescribes Launch on Crunchyroll this Summer

Crunchyroll Announces New Premieres and Records at Anime Expo

Anime Expo just wrapped up at the Los Angeles Convention Center over the July 4th weekend, and I think a lot of us would have been surprised if Crunchyroll hadn’t had some surprises for the audience! Not only where new World Premiere series announced, there was that new preview for Mike Shinoda’s World’s on Fire […]

Mike Shinoda Previews "World's on Fire" at Anime Expo

Mike Shinoda Previews “World’s on Fire” at Anime Expo

Saturday afternoon saw some pretty big star-power hit the stage at the Crunchyroll industry panel at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park debuted a preview of his new music video, World’s on Fire. Mike was joined onstage by Adam Sheehan, Director of Events, and Victoria Holden, Creative Producer & Brand Manager […]

Crunchyroll Adds Three New Summer Simulcasts

Crunchyroll Adds Three New Summer Simulcasts

Crunchyroll is set to roll out three new summer hits starting on July 4th. Whether your into Japanese ghost stories, adventure yarns or dating escapades, Crunchyroll has your recipe for summertime fun! If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Debuts Thursday, July 4th Dale is a well-known and highly skilled adventurer […]

"Mob Psycho 100 II" Set to Debut at Crunchyroll Expo

“Mob Psycho 100 II” Set to Debut at Crunchyroll Expo

Anime fans headed to Crunchyroll Expo this Labor Day weekend are in for a surprise, with the anime service announcing that they will be premiering Mob Psycho 100 II: The First Spirits and Such Company Trip ~A Journey that Mends the Heart and Heals the Soul~ on Sunday, September 1st. Here’s how it works: The […]

"Fire Force" Fires Up Crunchyroll Summer Lineup

“Fire Force” Fires Up Crunchyroll Summer Lineup

Crunchyroll is getting ready to fire up your summer with a bunch of hot anime titles, and will be kicking off the programming fireworks on the first of July! Fire Force drops on July Fourth: Tokyo is burning, and citizens are mysteriously suffering from spontaneous human combustion all throughout the city! Responsible for snuffing out […]

"My Hero Academia" Season 4 Will Premiere at Anime Expo!

“My Hero Academia” Season 4 Will Premiere at Anime Expo!

If you’re anything like me, the upcoming fourth season of My Hero Academia has you pretty excited. Now, Funimation has announced that they will be debuting that fourth season for lucky attendees at Anime Expo, which will be hitting the Los Angeles Convention Center on Thursday, July 4th, and lasting through the weekend. My Hero […]

'Dr. Stone" Prescribes Launch on Crunchyroll this Summer

Crunchyroll to Debut “Dr. Stone” Series at Anime Expo

Crunchyroll will be be at Anime Expo in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 4th, and they’re bringing along the debut of Dr. Stone to show to fans! All the fun kicks off at noon Pacific time, as fans will not only get to see the first episode of Dr. Stone, they’ll also be treated to […]