Zak Smith

Dungeons & Dragons Issues a Statement on the Zak Smith Situation

This morning, Dungeons & Dragons issued a rare public statement following the abuse allegations of game designer Zak Smith. If you’re not already aware of the situation, several women came out last week with stories of sexual abuse and violence against women within the D&D and RPG community. These stories bled into social media which […]

Looking At Zak Smith’s A Red & Pleasant Land

By Christopher Helton Red & Pleasant Land is a combination of a setting and adventures, ostensibly for early editions of the Dungeons & Dragons game but adaptable by a clever GM to just any tabletop roleplaying. Tabletop roleplaying games deal heavily in clichés or rehashing old tropes or adapting other people’s ideas to the RPG […]

Artist And Game Designer Zak Smith Talks About A Red And Pleasant Land

By Christopher Helton Painter, writer and porn actor Zak Smith is a controversial figure in the tabletop roleplaying game communities, for some people just because he is a part of those communities. Smith has his fans and detractors, but his contributions to tabletop gaming are irrefutable. Between his long-running blog, D&D With Pornstars, (this site […]

This Is Why Tabletop RPG Fans Can’t Have Nice Things

By Christopher Helton On July 3rd the rollout of the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons started with the release of the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set and the first version of the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules PDF. Unfortunately, this quickly became eclipsed by infighting among factions of online geeks, all because of two […]