Dark Nights: Metal #1 Review: Rocking The DCU With Extreme Awesomeness

Dark Nights: Metal #1 is finally out this week, and we see DC’s big summer event finally start proper. We’ve had the hints, the glancing blows from the Dark Days prologue issues, which gave us the shape of the idea, like a sonar blip on the map – but now we see it in full […]

Wonder Woman Fashion Line Revealed To Tie In With New Movie

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has announced a brand new Wonder Woman fashion line to tie in with the upcoming release of the brand new movie, the first full length motion picture for the 75 year old iconic character. Claiming designs from ‘world-renowned fashion house icons, Warners, in partnership with DC Entertainment, promise a collection that […]

Following Brother In Arms, Liam Sharp Departing Wonder Woman But Not Going Far

  Hot on the heels of Greg Rucka‘s announcement that he is leaving Wonder Woman, one of Wonder Woman‘s artists Liam Sharp has now announced that he too is leaving the book with issue 25. Liam Sharp has been handling the modern day segments seeing Wonder Woman facing up to the revelation that her past […]

Did We Just Learn More About Wonder Woman’s Origins Than Intended?

A brand new Wonder Woman trailer is upon us, titled Origins. However, has this maybe revealed more about the DCEU’s Wonder Woman origins than intended? Beware, this article contains speculation that may turn out to be spoilers for the Wonder Woman film. Let’s check out the trailer again: The line which jumps out to me […]

A Return to Wonder – Wonder Woman #14 Review

With this latest instalment in the DC Rebirth Wonder Woman series, we return to the finale of Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott and Romulo Fajardo Jr.‘s Year One story, presented us with a revised origin to the character in the current DC Universe. And frankly, it feels like a return for the character. Let me go […]