Nintendo Files New Trademarks for Wii, The Last Story, and More

Some keen-eyed people caught wind of a few new trademarks that Nintendo applied for and renewed that a lot of you might take interest in. The Twitter account Japanese Nintendo found a few new pieces of paperwork for things such as the original Wii, The Last Story, and Fossil Fighters. Nintendo Co., Ltd. apply for new […]

A Japanese Auction Features a Wii Remote Prototype for GameCube

An interesting find in an online auction this week as a rarity has been found from Nintendo. A prototype remote for the Wii made for the GameCube. The remote itself is weird for a couple of reasons, aside from the fact that it’s for a system that has not yet been created. The remote is […]

GoldenEye 007’s Wii Servers Are Shutting Down in 2018

GoldenEye 007′s online Wii servers are shutting down service in 2018, Nintendo announced. Specifically, Nintendo will be shutting down the game’s online services on March 30, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. The news was announced via Nintendo’s Japanese support site, however we imagine the servers will be shut down in other areas as well around the […]

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The Switch Is On Pace To Exceed The Wii’s Sales Says Analyst

The Wii was a monster of a machine sale wise. The console sold by far the most out of its competitors of the generation (the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), and that was largely due to how the system caught on with a more casual audience. In the end, it’s estimated the console sold north of […]

Nintendo To Close Down The Wii Shop In 2019

It’s still over a year away, but for many Wii and Wii U owners, it will be one of the first signs that both consoles will start losing full support. Nintendo officially announced earlier today that the Wii Shop will officially close on January 19th, 2019. It appears that the shutdown will occur in phases, […]

Nintendo Acknowledge That The Wii U’s Production Is Ending

This is a little story that slipped me by the other day, but one worth noting regardless. With the Nintendo Switch incoming and expected to be the company’s next big console, it is no surprise to find out that Nintendo have officially acknowledged that the Wii U is ceasing production soon. This started with a […]

Stop What You’re Doing And Play The Miitomo App Now

I’ve seen bits of news about Nintendo’s new phone app Miitomo, and Bleeding Cool reported news too. However, I didn’t fully realize how awesome this little app was until this morning. Since then, I haven’t been able to stop playing. You can almost always count on high quality with Nintendo. Most of what they put out is […]

The New Star Fox Zero Trailer Looks Great

As a big Star Fox guy, Star Fox Zero has had me a little nervous. The game, especially early on, didn’t quite look up to what we’d expect out of a 2016 from a major publisher. However, this new trailer that debuted during last night’s Nintendo Direct has me much more at ease. It seems the […]

The Last Super Smash Brothers Nintendo Direct Is Happening Next Week

There is one more Nintendo Direct set for this year, and it just so happens to be the last one centred exclusively on Super Smash Brothers Wii U. It was announced today that the Direct will be with us on December 15th at 5PM ET. It’s not known what the direct will hold, but you’d […]

Project Cars Officially Cancelled For Wii U

A few months ago we heard from Slightly Mad Studios who said that the Wii U version of the game was struggling considerably. Perhaps that is why it shouldn’t be surprising that the game has now been officially cancelled. Speaking to Nintendo Life, developer head Ian Bell, confirmed the version was no longer imminent, but […]

E3: Star Fox Zero Gameplay Shown Off During Nintendo Direct

Star Fox is probably one of the only series I get genuinely nostalgic about so the fact that we now have seen the long awaited Star Fox Wii U game has me buzzing. The game is called Star Fox Zero, is being design by Shigeru Miyamoto and it is coming Holiday 2015. This trailer shows old […]

Project Cars Is Struggling To Run On Wii U Meaning It Might Wait For NX

Project Cars is a very good racing sim. Slightly Mad have done very well to bring together a crowd funded project and deliver a beautiful looking game with some serious credentials to it. From what I’ve seen, most people are pleased with what the developer delivered… … well, most people. Speaking on the developer’s forums, […]

Splatoon Director Talks About Why The Game Doesn’t Have Voice Chat

Nintendo have always been pretty iffy on including voice chat in their games. I had many frustrating nights talking to someone in the Mario Kart 8 lobby only to realise you can’t continue your conversation once you are in the race. Perhaps that’s why it shouldn’t be too surprising that Splatoon isn’t going to feature […]

Zelda Wii U Is No Longer Planned For 2015

In a move that should surprise no one, Nintendo have today announced that the untitled Zelda Wii U game is getting pushed out of 2015. In a video message to fans, the game’s producer Eiji Aonuma addressed the problem directly saying: I must apologize to all of you who were expecting the game by year’s end, but […]

Of Fan Disappointment and Nintendo Directs

By Sage Ashford Let’s talk about disappointment for a little bit.  Arguably, facing disappointment is one of the major experiences of being a fan in any given medium.  Whether it  be a project (movie, game, comic, or otherwise) that you were interested in that fell through, or something not being as good as you had […]

E3: Talking To Brian Burleson About Aliens: Colonial Marines

Nerdy Show reports from E3 for Bleeding Cool. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCSxc_fIxc8[/youtube] Without a doubt, one of the games we’re most excited about is Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. It’s an official, canonical part of the series.  We talk to Senior Producer, Brian Burleson in front of the ACTUAL alien queen and get a feel for just how […]