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"What If…?": Disney+ Confirms "Marvel Zombies," Explains Series Format

With The Walt Disney Company's D23 Expo 2019 officially running from August 23-25, Bleeding Cool is here in Anaheim, California, to bring you enough breaking news and rumors to make your our Mouseketeer ears bleed. And bleed they should've – Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige came out to update the crowd animated anthology series What […]

Roy Thomas on the Creation of "What If?" at Marvel Comics

Roy Thomas on the Creation of "What If?" at Marvel Comics

Sent to Bleeding Cool, courtesy of Roy Thomas's manager John Cimino.  Peter Sanderson, comic book historian, writes: I am always annoyed when people talk about comics characters without crediting their creators. Years ago I was writing a book about Marvel and was told by the editor to stop mentioning the named of the characters' creators […]

Huge Cast, Release Date Revealed for Marvel's What If...? Movie

Jeffrey Wright is The Watcher in Marvel's What If…?

Marvel discussed its Summer 2021 Phase Four show at San Diego Comic-Con during the Marvel Studios panel: What If…? No, that's not a question, it's the title of Marvel Studios' first animated television show, based on the classic comic book series which looked at alternate universe stories often based on what might happen if a […]

Netflix Vs Marvel Over What If?

Netflix Vs Marvel Over What If?

What If? is a longstanding Marvel comic book series, that features alternate historie sin the Marvel Universe. What If Jean Grey Lived? What If Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four? What If Wolverine Was The Punisher? Recently, as the Marvel Studios movies began introducing the Multiverse as a concept, and showed a number of alternate timelines […]

REPORT: Marvel Studios Developing Animated 'What If?' Series for Disney+

With approximately a month to go before Disney's investors' meeting where more details on the streaming service's programming plan are expected to be detailed, it is being reported that Marvel Studios will produce a new animated television series based on the popular What If? comic book series for Disney+. Under Kevin Feige's lead, the anthology […]

Jean Grey Gets Weird With Nightcrawler in X-Men Red #9 Preview

X-Men Red is a great book beloved by many, which is why it's so sad to see it end with December's X-Men Red #11. But despite the premature cancellation, there's still three more issues left of X-Men Red to deliver the heartfelt character moments that help make the book so special. One of those issues […]

Would Thor Make a Good Loki? A Preview of What If? Thor #1

Some of the recent What If? books have gone high concept with their alternate-universe storytelling, such as What If? X-Men, which reimagined the X-Men as cyberpunk hackers. But What If? Thor is a much more classic take on the concept, going back to a pivotal moment in Marvel Comics lore and changing the outcome of […]

Is What If? Punisher Basically the Snyder Cut of Spider-Man?

Have you ever wondered what it might look like if Zack Snyder directed a Spider-Man movie? What if he wrote a Spider-Man comic? If he did, we might see something like this week's What If? Punisher, which asks the question: what if Peter Parker became the Punisher instead of Spider-Man? In a preview of the […]

Professor X is Dying… Again! A What If? X-Men Preview

Oh Professor Xavier! It seems the X-Men founder's storyline is a nonstop cycle of death (or faked death) followed by returns only to die (or fake his death) again. Most recently, Xavier returned in Astonishing X-Men by commandeering the body of Fantomex and remaking it in his own image (ew). But in What If? X-Men, […]

Marvel's 'What If?' Returns in October with 6 New One-Shots

Ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel has announced the return of a popular series from years gone by. No, it's not Uncanny X-Men… yet. It's What If?, which is returning in a series of six one-shots in October. The folks at Marvel announced the news on their website, along with solicits for each issue. Here's […]

Hydra Cap Funko Hot Topic Exclusive Variant

Contest Of Champions Gets Some Funky Funkos, Including Secret Empire Cap

Contest of Champions, the popular Marvel mobile game, is getting a pretty big wave of Funko Pops. While I have never played the game myself, millions of others have, and I am sure that they will be excited about these. As with most other waves of Funko Pops, there will be tons of exclusives as […]

Putting The X-Men Back Into The What If? Event

In October, Marvel Comics is running a "What If" five weekly event title. What If Avengers #1 by Joshua Williamson and Mike Norton is being renamed What If X-Men #1 instead. The solicit still reads, What if the AVENGERS lost the war? •  Years after the fall of Earth, CANNONBALL leads a small team of surviving mutants in the […]

AKA Jessica Jones Steps In Line And Thor Gets A What If?

We know that the comic Alias is being adapted for Netflix (with a few grumblings from the set reaching Bleeding Cool…) to follow Daredevil. It got a namechange though, due to another TV show of the same name, to AKA Jessica Jones, and the collections of the book also followed suit. But now it has […]

Swipe File: I See Dead People (What If AVX Spoilers)

Tch, what's all this killing about? A couple of coincidentally posed images from Injustice, Gods Among Us and What If AVX alternate realities that got everyone talking…. They do seem rather similarly framed though…

The Spider-Girl Reality TV Show That We'd All Watch But Will Never Happen

Bleeding Cool received the following missive. A possible reality series based on the original 1978 What If Spider-Girl character is being pitched to Marvel Studios by Indianapolis transgender Jane Eleanor Patricia Knight (born DeWayne Elbert Knight). In the proposed series, Ms. Knight would wear a feminine version of the Spider-Girl costume, consisting of a violet […]