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Bill Murray to be Honored for Lifetime of Work by Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson and Bill Murray have worked a lot together, and Anderson will have the privilege of presenting Murray with a lifetime achievement award later from the Rome Film Festival. Anderson has directed Murray in a considerable number of roles over the last 20 some odd years, with Murray starring in a number of his […]

Funko ECCC 2018 Exclusives Part 5: Cuphead, Freddy Funko, Saga, and More!

Funko has started to officially reveal their exclusives for Emerald City Comic Con 2018. This is one of the bigger shows on their schedule every year, since it’s basically in their backyard. Some of my favorite exclusives have come from this show in the past, and with them being shared with more and more retailers […]

Wes Anderson Goes To The Dogs With Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston And Bill Murray

Wes Anderson released a video announcing his next film project, Isle of Dogs. It’s an animated film that stars Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, and Edward Norton. It tells the story of a boy in search of his puppy. Part of the announcement was to talk about a contest to […]

Wes Anderson’s H&M Christmas Ad Is Very Christmas-y (and Wes Anderson-y)

Wes Anderson certainly does have his look. He is one of a handful of directors today that is unmistakeable before even a couple seconds have passed on screen. That Anderson-ness should strike you here pretty quickly in this new H&M christmas ad. Starring Adrien Brody, this almost feels like it could have been an aside […]

The Grand Budapest Hotel Director Wes Anderson Ponders The Horror Film

During a recent talk at the Rome Film Festival, The Grand Budapest Hotel director Wes Anderson said he has considered making a horror movie. “Horror is an area where if[sic] a filmmaker really wants to use all the tricks, the techniques to affect your emotions,” he said in response to an audience question on the […]

Johnny Depp Teaming Up With Wes Anderson For The Grand Budapest Hotel

Just as Terry Gilliam is trying to check Johnny Depp into a hotel in Bucharest, Wes Anderson has booked him into his own Grand Budapest Hotel. According to Deadline, Depp will star in the movie written and directed by Anderson. There’s no indication of who may have worked on the script with Anderson, who has […]

Watch Three New Clips From Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom

With the release of Wes Anderson‘s preteen romance story Moonrise Kingdom only a month away, it’s time to celebrate with a few brand new clips from the film. Moonrise Kingdom is about two twelve year-olds who fall in love and run away together – Sam from his boy scout camp and Suzy from her parents […]

First Look At The Cannes Line-Up: The Films In Competition

What will be joining David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis in the competition for a Palm D’or at Cannes this year? The full list of eligible films has been revealed this morning. Here they are, in alphabetical order by… um… auteur. “Rust and Bone” – dir. Jacques Audiard “Moonrise Kingdom” – dir. Wes Anderson “Holy Motors” – dir. […]

Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom Gets “Painted” Poster

I don’t know if a brush ever met canvas in the creation of this poster, if it was all plastic pens and tablets, or mice and bumpy desks, but the look is “painterly” at least. And pretty twee too. As you might expect. You saw the trailer, didn’t you? Or anything else Wes Anderson has […]

Weekend Watchable: Wes Anderson’s Star Fox

If Nintendo’s Star Fox games (or Lylat Wars to us Brits) became a movie in the dry mode of Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox then its trailer could be something like this. Well, like this with the funny jokes taken out. By not being completely nailed down to 90º angles and rigid poses either exactly in […]