Is It ‘Official Alan Moore Day’ Or Something?

This week sees the publication of Nemo: River Of Ghosts by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill, the final chapter in the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo trilogy, from Knockabout in the UK. It also comes on the same day that Marvel publishes the final issue of Moore’s Miracleman, without his name being used, as requested. Also […]

As DC Comics Prepares To Leave New York, They Smash Up Their Own Offices

From today’s New 52: Futures End… as the series approaches its conclusion… 1700 Broadway is the offices of DC Comics in Manhattan. And right now it looks like it needs a Band-Aid. Next month, DC Comics says goodbye to those offices, moving to Burbank in Los Angeles. But on the way out, it appears they […]

43 Thoughts About 43 Comics – From Leonard Nimoy To Stjepan Šejić

From the Star Trek New Visions #5 fumetti by John Byrne, out today. Aw man…. When I reviewed Nameless #1, I called it “Sandman meets Armageddon”. Got pullquoted and everything Well Grant Morrison appears to have a different perspective… The Big Con Job #1 launches, as ex-Newsarama founder Matt Brady get a few things out […]

The Last Issue Of Swamp Thing Goes Very, Very Meta (SPOILERS)

Do you remember that scene from Animal Man #19 by Grant Morrison and Chas Troug? In which Buddy Baker, high on mescalin, looked directly at the viewer and said, Itself inspired by a scene by Bryan Talbot in Brainstorm? Swamp Thing #40 does something similar. Not the same. But terribly meta for its final issue, by Charles […]

A New Miracleman #1 For Neil Gaiman And Mark Buckingham’s Golden Age

From the inside page of today’s Miracleman #16, published by Marvel Comics and reprinting and remastering the original issue by Alan Moore and John Totleben, concluding Moore’s run on the character he so effectively revived. Rereading it, it is as majestic as I remembered, and with a final moment that effectively (and intentionally) undermines everything […]

Harley Quinn Would Like Some Of Those Bisexual Headlines, Please

Last week, Bleeding Cool let you know about a certain scene in the most recent issue of Catwoman. At the time, no one else seemed to have thought it worthy of commentary. Afterwards, a few people did decide it was worthy of commentary. Like The Guardian, the Daily Mail, the BBC, the Verge, Washington Times, […]