Wade Wilson

Hot Toys Deadpool Dusty 8

Deadpool Dusty Edition Hot Toys Figure Coming Late 2019

Deadpool has yet another Hot Toys release on the way in late 2019. This version will be from the end of Deadpool 2 when he was covered in dust and such to make it look like his comics X-Force suit. Hence why this is called the “Dusty” version. He will come with his power dampener […]

Deadpool and 20th Century Fox Need You to “Believe in Your Selfie”

With “The Merc With a Mouth” about to get a whole lot mouthier, Deadpool and friends – along with the fine folks at 20th Century Fox – are giving fans in the New York City area a way to “selfie-brate” the occasion (See what I did there? You’re welcome.). In honor of the home entertainment release […]

Marvel Mei Sho MangaRealization Deadpool 3

Deadpool is the Latest Manga Realization Figure From Bandai

Deadpool will become the latest release in the Bandai Manga Realization line of figures. Coming out in July, the figure will feature tons of articulation and a wise variety of accessories. Those will include three different pairs of eyes, interchangeable hands, katanas, and two pistols.  The figure is available for preorder now. A Japanese take […]

Ryan Reynolds And Leslie Uggams Talk Wade And Blind Al

To go with the Digital HD release of Deadpool, the study has released this featurette focusing on the character of Blind Al. Ryan Reynolds and Leslie Uggams talk about the relationship between Wade and Al and the producers talk about why Al had to be blind. Deadpool is available on Digital HD now and will be […]

A Full Frontal Deadpool Review (Minor Spoilers)

Just come back from seeing Deadpool in Leicester Square. Man what a blast. They got the press in the right mind by offering shots served out of holsters of nubile young women with tied Deadpool T-shirts. Not much pansexuality in the promotions. Actually, that’s a point. Some folk really like to know specific details about […]

Deadpool Movie Spoilers – What About X-Men Origins: Wolverine Continuity?

I saw Deadpool earlier today. It was great. An only-a-little-bit-spoilery review of the movie is here. But I have been asked about any references made to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie that also featured Ryan Reynolds, as a mouthy sword swinging military operative Wade Wilson who is transformed into a cross-mutant monstrosity. This continuity is completely ignored, […]

Deadpool Movie Spoilers – The Pansexuality Of Wade Wilson

I saw Deadpool earlier today. It was great. A low-spoiler review of the movie is here. But before going in, I was asked by some Bleeding Cool readers if I could be explicit about the pansexuality of Deadpool, a character whose sexual preferences on screen may make him the first lead LGBTQI superhero character, as […]

Deadpool Movie Spoilers – Is Hugh Jackman In It At All?

I saw Deadpool earlier today. It was great. A much less spoilery review of the movie is here. But one question I have been repeatedly asked is about whether or not Hugh Jackman, the actor who plays Wolverine, appears in the film. The answer is yes. Hugh Jackman does appear in Deadpool as Wolverine. But not […]

George Perez Sketches A Deadpool / Deathstroke Hybrid

An interesting post this weekend from George Perez who was commissioned to draw a unique picture for a fan back in 2013. There are a lot of easily noted similarities between Marvel’s Merc-with-a-Mouth, Deadpool and DC’s resident bad-ass Deathstroke, the most obvious being their real names.. Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson respectively. There are also […]

Oliver Queen Lightens Up In Season 4

“The city is in danger, it must be May.” – that was the rather self-aware line delivered by Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) in the season three finale of Arrow. In the first three seasons the shows tone has been dark and building to a cataclysmic event… destruction of Starling City by Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), […]