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'Fast & Furious: Crossroads' Announced at the Video Game Awards

‘Fast & Furious: Crossroads’ Announced at the Video Game Awards

Fast & Furious: Crossroads has been announced at the Video Game Awards. The brand new game, form developer Slightly Mad Studios, features a new crew tagging along on an adventure with the cast from the film. Vin Diesel, Tyreese, and Michelle Rodriguez all appear in the trailer for the game respectively, playing their roles from […]

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Bloodshot Comes to Life In The New McFarlane Toys Figure

Bloodshot is best known as a character inside the world of Valiant Comics. Bloodshot will hit the big screen on February 21, 2020, with Vin Diesel portraying him. We don’t know too much about the movie but we do get to see a glimpse of Vin Diesel as this iconic character. McFarlane Toys has revealed […]

7 Things I Know About The Fast and Furious Movies

7 Totally True Facts About the Fast and Furious Movies

I have seen all of the Fast and Furious movies and still can only barely tell you what’s going on in them. Most of them I’ve seen multiple times as they invariably end up on in the background on the weekend as I fold laundry or do dishes, but still get confused which is which. […]

Vin Diesel Joins James Cameron in 'Avatar 2', Possibly 3-5

Vin Diesel Joins James Cameron in ‘Avatar 2’, Possibly 3-5

In a surprise reveal via Instagram, Vin Diesel has announced (kinda) his involvement with the next chapter in James Cameron‘s Avatar universe. In Diesel’s video, the pair are standing together in what looks like a warehouse space, or a mocap studio space (which would make sense). Cameron jokes that they’ll have to use the Men In Black “flashy thing” […]

Yoshiki to Score ‘xXx 4’, Which Will Star Vin Diesel

Yes, we’re getting another Xander Cage XXX film starring Vin Diesel, and we know who’s doing the score. In a press release from The H Collective, it was revealed that prolific Japanese composer and musician Yoshiki will be tackling the score for the 4th installment in the xXx franchise. Titled simply xXx 4 currently, the film will star Vin Diesel as title […]

Vin Diesel Shares Sneak Peek at Valiant’s ‘Bloodshot’, Ray Garrison

Well, we have an image from Sony’s upcoming Bloodshot film about the Valiant Comics character starring Vin Diesel as the title character, but, it’s not what we were expecting. Diesel just posted this photo of Ray Garrison (aka Bloodshot) to his Instagram, giving fans a little background on the character’s importance to Valiant’s Cinematic Universe:   View […]

Vin Diesel Talks Parental Sacrifices in ‘Bloodshot’ Set Video

For all his tough-guy roles, sometimes it’s easy to forget how downright charming and relatable actor Vin Diesel is when he’s just being himself. Think about all his appearances on late-night talkshows, or the interviews when he starts waxing poetic about his D&D game(s) — not your typical action star on so many levels. Vin Diesel […]

‘Bloodshot’ Production Has Started, According to Vin Diesel’s Recent Video

Vin Diesel is no stranger to comic book titles and films at this point, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. The next funny-papers-themed flick the actor is tackling is Valiant Comics’ property Bloodshot. Today on his personal Instagram account, Vin Diesel posted a video featuring the news that production on Bloodshot has begun. #Bloodshot A […]

Valiant/Sony Bloodshot Film Starring Vin Diesel Scheduled for February 21st, 2020

At the Diamond Retailer Appreciation Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, Valiant Entertainment announced the release date for their upcoming movie from Sony, based on their comic book Bloodshot. The film’s release date is 21st February. And this is a firm date. Fists were pounded in emphasis. Filming starts August 6th this year, with Vin Diesel […]

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Vin Diesel Commissioned Lewis LaRosa to Draw Him as Bloodshot

Guardians of the Galaxy star Vin Diesel is set to plant his roots in another comic book movie franchise when he stars as Bloodshot in the upcoming Valiant Entertainment movie. But the Bloodshot movie apparently can’t come soon enough for Diesel, who appears to be growing impatient to see himself as the titular hero with […]

Vin Diesel is Bloodshot

Following up on January rumors that he was in talks for the role, Vin Diesel has signed on to play Bloodshot, a superhero with a red circle on his chest, based on the Valiant comic book of the same name about a superhero with a circle on his chest. Diesel is known for playing Groot […]

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Get Christie Love: ABC Casts Daytime Divas’ Camille Guaty in Remake

ABC has found Christie Love (Kylie Bunbury) a best friend and ally in Daytime Divas‘ Camille Guaty, who is set to join the cast of the remake pilot for action-drama series Get Christie Love. Written and developed by Power‘s Courtney Kemp, the series is inspired by the cult 1974 “blaxploitation” television movie Get Christie Love! as well […]

Iron Giant Tiki Mugs Now Available From Mondo

Iron Giant tiki mugs are now available to order form Mondo. They are available in three styles- a grey version, and bone-style version with a cool black ceramic wash and glaze finish, and a ghost version that has a dark blue glaze on top of a white ceramic finish. All three are 16 ounce glasses. […]

ABC to ‘Get Christie Love’ Pilot from Power’s Courtney Kemp

Even after 44 years, when the the fate of the world is teetering on the brink, there’s only one thing you can do — and ABC‘s about to do it: Get Christie Love. Power creator/showrunner Courtney Kemp and producers Vin Diesel (The Fast and the Furious), Debra Martin Chase and Shana C. Waterman have received […]

Report: Vin Diesel in Talks to Play Bloodshot in Valiant Movie Universe

A major star is in talks to join Valiant’s upcoming superhero movie universe. Vin Diesel is reportedly in talks to star in Bloodshot, presumably as the titular hero, according to a report from sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip blog The Wrap. Bloodshot, a comic book about a man with a red circle on his chest, is set […]

ABC Gets Their ‘Christie Love’: Pitch’s Kylie Bunbury Cast

Less than three months after Power creator/showrunner Courtney Kemp and producers Vin Diesel, Debra Martin Chase and Shana C. Waterman‘s action-drama series was announced, ABC was finally able to Get Christie Love in the form of Kylie Bunbury (Fox’s Pitch, upcoming film Game Night). Kemp will serve as showrunner and as executive producer alongside Chase via Martin Chase […]

‘Power’ Creator Courtney Kemp Gets ABC To ‘Get Christie Love’

Even after 40 years, when the the fate of the world is teetering on the brink, there’s only one thing you can do — and ABC‘s about to do it: Get Christie Love. Power creator/showrunner Courtney Kemp and producers Vin Diesel, Debra Martin Chase and Shana C. Waterman have received a green light from the […]