Vampirella: Roses for the Dead #1 cover by Joseph Michael Linsner

Vampirella: Roses for the Dead #1 Review – A Good Enough Action Horror

Evily is worried for the health of Clare. She has been attacked, is in a coma, and may not recover. She goes to hunt the man responsible. She finds none other than Vampirella also hunting the man. However, she doesn’t know who Vampirella is or her intent, so she interrupts the vampire’s attempts to feed […]

Vampirella/Dejah Thoris

Dynamite Brings Together Vampirella and Dejah Thoris for New Series

Dynamite has announced another fun crossover events with two of their most popular characters, Vampirella and Dejah Thoris. Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters) and Ediano Silva (Pathfinder: Runescars) are telling the pulp tale, which will hit stands this September. In Vampirella/Dejah Thoris, when an alien scout ship crashes on Mars, Dejah Thoris must risk reigniting war with the […]

Savage Tales: Vampirella One-Shot Cover by Robert Hack

Savage Tales: Vampirella #1 Review – Dumb, Bloody, B-Movie Fun

Vampirella finds herself in a strange land with no memory of how she arrived there. Worse yet, a band of barbarian warriors have arrived to give her a not-so-warm welcome. She fights them off and learns of the powerful sorcerer whom controls the barbarians. She sets her sight on the sorcerer’s kingdom and the violent […]

Exclusive Extended Previews: Barbarella #6, Dejah Thoris #4, Xena #4, and More

We’ve got a set of exclusive extended previews for Dynamite comics shipping this week. Those include Barbarella #6, Dejah Thoris #4, Xena #4 and Savage Tales: Vampirella One-Shot. We also have previews for A Clash of Kings #10, Green Hornet #3, Pumpkinhead #3 and two trades – The Shadow: Leviathan and Sheena: Queen of the […]

Dynamite Digital Collection Sale Today Only

Dynamite Entertainment is having a sale on their digital collections at comiXology. They have over 400 titles to choose from including James Bond, Wonder Woman ’77 Meets the Bionic Woman, Pathfinder, Red Sonja and more. Featuring the works of Kieron Gillen, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, George RR Martin, Alex Ross, Benjamin Percy, Andy Diggle and […]

Writer’s Commentary: Jeremy Whitley on Vampirella #11

Dynamite has sent us a writer’s commentary by Jeremy Whitley for Vampirella #11, the series finale. Covers for the issue are by Philip Tan and Stephen Segovia with interiors by Rapha Lobosco. Page 1: Here we are back again for one last round of commentary on this story. Sorry, everybody, this is the last stop for now, but […]

vampirella Jeremy Whitley

Writer’s Commentary: Jeremy Whitley on Vampirella #10

Dynamite has sent us a new writer’s commentary, this time featuring Jeremy Whitley talking about Vampirella #10 with art by Andy Belanger and covers by Philip Tan and Gisele Lagace. Page 1: So Pantha… her history is as convoluted as Vampirella’s in far fewer appearances. So, we wanted to play on some of the things […]


Vampirella is Almost 50 – It’s Time for Her Own TV Series

In a discussion with a friend last night, it was pointed out to me that next year is the 50th anniversary of Vampirella. She first appeared in Vampirella #1, a magazine published by Warren Publishing in September of 1969. And where she is often credited as the creation of Forest J. Ackerman, her costume and […]

Dynamite Offers Fan Gear Packs Including Vampirella, Control, and Grand Passion

Dynamite is using Kickstarter for something a little bit different: the Dynamite Fan Gear promotion. Instead of a single item, they’re putting together fan packs with graphic novel projects and never-before-released merchandise like t-shirts, art prints, trading cards, buttons, and more. And it looks like you can customize the packs to your particular interests. The […]


A Look Inside the New Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Omnibus Vol. 2

It may be a slow week for Dynamite comics hitting the shops, but what is new is pretty cool. Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Omnibus Vol. 2 features a cover by Paul Renaud and stories written by Brandon Jerwa and drawn by Heubert Khan Michael and Patrick Berkenkotter. It comes in at 488 pages… so lots […]

Reading the Fates with the Vampirella Tarot Card Deck

I have reviewed many things since I’ve joined Bleeding Cool. Comics, movies, music, books, television series, toys, board games and video games just to hit the highlights. Today I was asked to review something different. Dynamite’s new Vampirella Tarot Card Deck that hits comic shops tomorrow. This was initially offered as a kickstarter and my […]

James Bond: the body #1

James Bond: The Body #1 and Other Dynamite Previews

Hitting comic shops this week from Dynamite is James Bond: The Body #1 by Ales Kot and Luca Casalanguida, a unique take on the franchise as Bond goes through a post-mission medical examination and uses the scars on his body to tell of certain events. Also shipping this week: Killer Instinct #4, Librarians #3, Red […]

Writer’s Commentary: Shawn Aldridge Talks Hack/Slash Vs Vampirella #4

Dynamite has sent us a new writer’s commentary by Shawn Aldridge for Hack/Slash vs Vampirella #4. The book has covers by Kyle Strahm and Goran Sudžuka with interiors by Rapha Lobosco. * * * * * Cassie and Vampirella’s Vegas vacation continues as they take the fight to the Blood Queen and her horde to the scenic […]


Read Vampirella Feary Tales #1, Part of the Dynamite/Comixology 50% off Sale

It’s time to catch up on those comics you’ve wanted to read from Dynamite but haven’t had a chance. The publisher is having a 50% off sale over at Comixology with everything released prior to December 12th, 2017 on sale. That means The Shadow vs Batman, Bettie Page, Dresden Files, James Bond, Agent 47 — and Vampirella Feary Tales #1 by writers Nancy A. Collins, Devin […]