Untitled Publisher

A Darker Twist on Digital Farming in the Cyberpunk Game Morning Star

Developed by Metkis and being published by Unknown Publisher, we got a quick taste of Morning Star during the PC Gaming Show at E3. As described by the publisher, "Morning Star is a first-person farming game set in a post-cyberpunk world where computers are your soil and software is your seeds. Explore, rebuild, or exploit a community […]

Gloam Collective and Untitled Publisher Reveal Bravery Network Online

The first of three games from Untitled Publisher to make their appearance before E3 at the PC Gaming Show, Bravery Network Online debuted this afternoon. There isn't much info on the game beyond the short description, which is as follows: "Make friends, challenge strangers, and fight strategic turn-based battles in the post-post-apocalyptic world of Bravery […]