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'Uncharted': 'Venom' Director Ruben Fleischer May Now Direct

Uncharted, the film version of the popular game series, may have found yet another director. Venom's Ruben Fleischer is the latest rumored person to take a wack at the troubled production. He follows David O. Russell, Neil Burger, Shawn Levy, and Travis Knight, the latter having been the most recent to exit due to scheduling […]

Mark Wahlberg in Final Talks to Star in "Uncharted" Movie

Mark Wahlberg in Final Talks to Star in "Uncharted" Movie

Variety reports that Mark Wahlberg is close to returning to the long-gestating Uncharted nearly a decade after he confirmed, live on MTV, that he'd be joining the film as Nathan Drake. At the time in late 2010, with the Uncharted video game series only three years old, David O. Russell was confirmed as director and was […]

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Tom Holland's Uncharted Movie Snags a December 2020 Release Date

Now, this is a project that has been hanging out in development hell for several years. Ever since the first Uncharted game came out in 2007 there have been rumors of a movie. It wasn't until the most recent years that there has been any movement on it and Sony decided to cast Tom Holland […]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Lara Croft is a Terrible Person

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Lara Croft is a Terrible Person

I know I'm late, but I recently finished playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider recently and thought, "Hey, Lara Croft is a terrible person!" It felt like the game developers went out of their way to make her a terrible person. I've played the whole rebooted trilogy starting with Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb […]

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Voice Actor Nolan North Thinks Nathan Drake Shouldn't Return for Uncharted 5

Not that there is an Uncharted 5 in the works, or anything, but Nathan Drake's voice actor Nolan North thinks the character should be put to rest, permanently. Which is exactly what developer Naughty Dog has said they were doing with Uncharted 4. However, with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's release in August of 2017, plenty of fans have been […]

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New Job Openings Have Fans Believing a New Uncharted Game is Coming

If you were to tell us today that a new Uncharted game was in the works, we'd really have no reason to doubt any of it after Uncharted 4's success. Not to mention the fact that a major movie is on the way, so why wouldn't Sony Interactive Entertainment want to cash in on it? […]

Amy Hennig to Receive Life Achievement Award at GDC 2019

Every year at GDC, the organizers of the Game Developers Choice Awards give out a Lifetime Achievement Award to a developer who has helped shape the games industry as we know it. This year, the award show organizers have seen fit to honor writer and director Amy Hennig for her expertise as a digital artist, animator, […]

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Nathan Fillion Stars in an Uncharted Fan Film

Have you ever wanted to see an Uncharted film starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake doing around looking for treasures? Well, we got you one, sorta. This is a 15-minute fan made film where, for some reason, Fillion decided to lend his talents and become the primary character of the series. Everything about this role […]

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Amy Hennig Thinks There Are More Uncharted Stories That Could Be Told

Uncharted creator Amy Hennig says that the franchise still has stories that could be told if Naughty Dog ever chose to pursue them. Amy Hennig for so long was the figurehead of the Uncharted series. She directed the original trilogy for the PlayStation 3 and then spent several years on the development of Uncharted 4: […]

Neil Druckmann Is Fine with the Uncharted Film's Script

Often when games are remade into movies, the results range from boring to disastrous. And much of that has to do with the script not adhering to whatever the original plot of the game was, or at the very least, not even coming close to the original intent. So, of course, people are naturally worried […]

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The Uncharted Series Has Sold Over 41 Million Copies in Its 10-Year Lifespan

Uncharted is currently having a bit of a celebration. The series turned 10 years old this year and released The Lost Legacy, too, which seems to have gone down pretty well so far. As it turns out, Uncharted is a popular video game series. I know, I know, this is brand-new information to you. However, over the […]


'Uncharted' Film Eyeing Bryan Cranston For Key Supporting Role

Obligatory Breaking Bad joke, and one Malcolm in the Middle reference for good measure! The upcoming Uncharted movie is apparently looking at Breaking Bad, Sneaky Pete, and Malcolm Middle star Bryan Cranston to play a major part in the upcoming video game film adaptation. According to That Hashtag Show, Sony Pictures is looking at casting Cranston as a supporting character in the film. […]

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The People Behind The Uncharted Movie Want It To Be The Next Indiana Jones

The movie based on the Uncharted video games has been sitting in development hell for years. As video game adaptation after video game adaptation continued to fail there was little hope for Nathan Drake to make it to the big screen. That is until Tom Holland was cast in the lead role and director Shawn […]

The Launch Trailer For 'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy' Gets Released

We're not going to speak long on this one, we just want you to enjoy it more than anything as the latest trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy hit YouTube today. To be clear, this is the official launch trailer before the game comes out this coming Tuesday, August 22, as Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross […]

'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy' Shows Off New Intense Trailer

The video is only 30 seconds, but the new trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy packs one hell of a punch in that time. The game shows off as many quick two to three second clips as it can to give you an idea of the adventure you'll be taking on as you seek out […]

Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy At Sony E3

One of the first trailers to pop up at Sony's PlayStation E3 conference was an in-depth look at the protagonists and story of Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy. This DLC is something I've been pretty excited for, because what is better than watching the women of Uncharted kick ass and take names? Not a single thing. Watch the […]