The Most Annoying Moment of New York Comic Con, Uber Everything?

The Most Annoying Moment of New York Comic Con, Uber Everything?

Comic book creator Joyce Chin, most recently drawing Vampirella in Playboy Magazine, did not have a great C2E2 and it did not get better. Thankfully New York Comic Con went a lot better. However, she did have one moment to share which may be very familiar to all manner of in-demand comic book creators. She […]

uber crossed avatar press july 2018 solicits

Crossed's Birthday and Uber Invasion: Avatar Press Solicits for July 2018

You know what one of the perks of being owned by a comic book publisher is? Well, that they constantly forget to tell us what they are up to, leading us to having to search the internet. Such as their retail side Comics Cavalcade having Avatar Press's solicits for July 2018. Without, like, telling us. […]

D23: Disney Will Be Ferrying You Around In A Minnie Van Uber-like Service

Announced at the D23 Expo was a brand new transportation option for the Walt Disney World Resort,yes, you guessed it. We can all ride in an Uber-like service with Minnie Vans. No, they are not all vans, but they are all painted to evoke your fondest memories of Disney's best mouse. "Since we're all about […]

Shareece Wright Takes Uber From Chicago To New York For Voluntary Buffalo Bills Practice

Since we started covering the NFL, I always look for the more unique stories…like this one. Former Baltimore Ravens cornerback Shareece Wright signed with the Buffalo Bills last month. The Bills started the voluntary OTAs (practice) on Monday morning in Orchard Park, NY. and Wright was planning to fly there from Chicago's O'Hare airport. It's unclear […]

The Superhero Comic Alan Moore Likes – Germany To Invade America In Kieron Gillen's Uber

Alan Moore has given Uber, the superhero war comic by Kieron Gillen, Canaan White and Daniel Gete, his blessing. For the Kickstarter appeal to launch the return of the series published by Avatar, Bleeding Cool's owners, he says, "Situating the superhuman in its only credible real-life context, UBER gives us an appallingly logical and brilliantly-imagined […]

A New Civil War – Iron Man And Captain America Vs Uber

 Buenos Aires saw a Civil War on the streets this week, as Captain America and Iron Man put aside their differences and joined taxi drivers in a protest against the arrival of Uber to the city, protesting against unfair competition… "We're fighting evil, getting rid of Uber" said Iron Man told C5N . Meanwhile, Captain […]

The Fifth Über Trade Hits Stores This Week From Avatar Press

Über Vol 5 is not the latest version of the app you use to get a ride home from the bar. It is the latest trade of the dark super human series set in World War II from Kieron Gillen. The newest book from Avatar Press collects issues #23 – 27 of the series and […]

5 New Books This Week From Avatar Press

Avatar Press has five new comics hitting shelves this week including Crossed: Badlands #83, Mercury Heat #2 and Providence #3. Crossed: Badlands #83 The bridge survivors might be beyond the grasp of the vile Crossed, but they're not out of the twisted murders' sight. Led by "The Surgeon" and her crew, an alliance of Crossed […]

SDCC '15: The Paramilitary SUVs Of Colony/Uber Ferrying Fans

By Frazer Brown SDCC attendees could snag a free ride thanks to 'Colony' and I spotted one 'in the wild' while at the convention. UBER had this to say: The COLONY "Transportation Domination" will provide Comic-Con attendees with complimentary rides using a fleet of hundreds of COLONY branded units including military vehicles and SUVs, bicycles from 23 […]

August Previews Covered By I Hate Fairyland & Batman & Robin Eternal

The August edition of Diamond Previews, out next week, has Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland from Image Comics on the cover and Batman And Robin Eternal from DC Comics on the back. Gems of the month include Dead Vengeance by Bill Morrison from Dark Horse, Lois And Clark #1 by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks from DC, Back […]

This Week From Avatar Press: God Is Dead, Uber And War Stories

Avatar Press has three books hitting shelves tomorrow starting off with God Is Dead #37, then Uber #26 and finally War Stories #10. All books comes with various covers so make sure you dig through the stack to see which one (or ones) you want. God is Dead #37 It all changes right here! As […]

Alan Moore's Crossed +100 #5 Reveals The Truth Of The Infection

New in shops this week from Avatar Press is Crossed +100 #5 as the amazing Alan Moore continue's making his mark on the Crossed Universe. Also, Kieron Gillen's Uber gets a fourth trade collecting issues 18-22. Crossed +100 #5 Future Taylor discovers the shocking truth about the Crossed infection and their evolution.  The impossible has […]

Alan Moore's Providence #1 And More This Week From Avatar Press

It is a big week for Avatar Press with the much heralded arrival of Alan Moore's Providence #1 coming up on 5/27 along with Dark Gods #6, God is Dead #36 and Uber #25 Dark Gods #6 The final issue of the first powerful arc of Justin Jordan's Dark Gods is here! The agents of […]

Kieron Gillen, On Taking A Break From The Marvel Universe

If there is a new Miss America comic from Marvel, as rumoured, it won't be written by Kieron Gillen, despite his rather fun run with her on Young Avengers. But the writer of that book, with critically acclaimed runs on Journey Into Mystery, Thor, Iron Man and returning to his work on SWORD with Secret […]

Crossed: Badlands, Uber And God Is Dead In Shops This Week From Avatar Press

In stores this week from Avatar Press, the 77th issue of Crossed: Badlands, God Is Dead #35 and Uber #24. Crossed: Badlands #77 Uber scribe, Kieron Gillen, tells a Crossed tale like no other.  As the modern-day group of survivors stumble upon an amazing find, the unfolding drama of the Homo Tortor 80,000 years ago […]

Avatar Press Solicitations For June 2015 – Si Spurrier Joins Crossed +100

The big news from Avatar in June, and talked about at the weekend's London Super Comic-Con is that Si Spurrier, the author of Crossed: Wish You Were Here is writing an arc of Alan Moore's Crossed +100 series from his notes. And Alan Moore's Providence jumps in size to a 40 page comic without ads. […]

Alan Moore's Crossed +100 #3 And More This Week From Avatar Press

Shipping this week from Avatar Press is Crossed: Badlands #73, Crossed +100 #3, God Is Dead #30 and Uber #23… all of them have the #3 in them, coincidence? Probably. But you also get David Hine, Alan Moore and Kieron Gillen and that's no fluke. Crossed: Badlands #73 The Crossed sickness spread over every continent […]