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What We're Excited to See in "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna"

"Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna" Gets a US Release Date

Digimon fans are in for a treat, with Toei Animation and Fathom Events announcing that the US Digimon lovers will receive an opportunity to witness the epic event in theaters very soon. The announcement was shared on Wednesday, explaining that Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna will be screened for US audiences with a limited release […]

What We Know About "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna"

What We Know About "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna"

Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna is one of the most anticipated anime features of 2020, and after two decades of adoration, it's a justifiable level of hype for the beloved franchise. The series introduced countless viewers of all ages to generations of DigiDestined, and now it's time to return to the Digital World once more with […]

Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna Footage Brings Back the Second Generation

"Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna" Footage Brings Back the 2nd Generation

The next Digimon film is approaching and a new teaser has revealed the return of a few fan favorites we've been missing. In the new footage for the film, we catch the first glimpse at the second generation of DigiDestined for the first time since a silhouette-esque cameo in the successful Digimon Tri film series and […]

Two New Sailor Moon Tabletop Games are On Their Way

Two New Sailor Moon Crystal Tabletop Games are On Their Way

Japanime Games has entered into a distribution partnership with Dyskami Publishing over Dyskami's line of Sailor Moon Crystal talbetop games. The games are based on Naoko Takeuchi's manga series and the new anime from Toei Animation, and they tell the story of Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Guardians as they battle to stop evil forces. The […]